Enjoying Sushi and Soba Made by Real Japanese in Milan

In Milan, it’s actually pretty easy to find Japanese food. From restaurants opened by Chinese people to authentic Japanese restaurants that can cost a lot, they are available in many places in the city. Of course, if we want to taste Japanese food made in Japanese restaurants, we’ll have to pay more.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to taste Japanese food made by real Japanese who can cook well. One was a chef and the other is just very good in cooking. The dishes that I ate were sushi (one of my most favorite dishes) and Japanese soba (a type of Japanese noodles).

Japanese Soba and Sushi

I should say that these dishes, especially the sushi, could make us spend much if we order them at real Japanese restaurants in Milan, Italy. However, here, I had the chance to taste them for free as it was a part of potluck and gathering event (let’s say not totally, but a part of it).

Sushi, as we all know, is a dish consisting of rice cooked with vinegar and filled with other ingredients, mostly seafood and vegetables. Usually, sushi is known to have fillings like fresh salmon, tuna and shrimps. Some types of sushi are wrapped with nori (Japanese word for seaweed). When we eat sushi, we can serve it with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

On the other hand, soba is actually the Japanese word for buckwheat, a type of Japanese noodles. It has thin form unlike udon. What’s interesting is that Japanese soba can be served both hot and cold. Not only, we can also serve it dried without broth or in hot broth (like during autumn and winter).

Furthermore, Japanese soba actually contains essential nutrition such as beneficial amino acids, antioxidants and some other nutrients plus, it can be digested easily. For sushi, as we know, it is one of the healthiest food as it usually contains raw fish, usually low in fat but high in protein. Though of course, we must make sure that the fish fillings used for sushi are fresh and we should remember to consume wasabi as it can kill parasites.

Both Japanese soba and sushi are surely delicious when they’re cooked and prepared well. Moreover, it even feels more special when real Japanese people prepare them. These two dishes are healthy food that people should give a try, especially for people who love Japanese food or Asian food in general.

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