Happy New Year 2016 and Have Some Meatballs 

Meatballs in broth with noodles

During winter on the first day of the year, there is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup.

On January 1, 2016, I decided to spoil myself by making meatballs in broth and then complete the dish with noodles.

There are actually some ingredients missing like green vegetables plus maybe tofu. However, with no supermarket open today, it’s quite impossible to get these ingredients.

No matter it’s not complete, it still tastes great. Making meatballs is not too difficult. First, you have to choose which type of minced meat you want to use. You can pick one of several types of meat to make the meatballs according to your preference, such as chicken, fish, beef and even pork.

For red meat lovers, maybe beef will taste best. However, for white meat lovers like me, I always prefer to use chicken or fish. After you know which minced meat you want to make into meatball, mix the dough with cornstarch and enough salt (depending on the amount of meat and cornstarch you use).

Chicken meatballs

Additionally, if you’re fine with garlic and shallot, you can also add them to make the meatballs taste better.

For the meatballs I made today, if you see the green color, it comes from spring onions.

To make the dough perfect and chewy, don’t forget to add a bit of cold water. Moreover, when the dough is ready, you just need to make it into ball-shaped forms and cook the ready meatballs.

Some people prefer crunchy fried meatballs while some others prefer meatballs in broth. Both types surely taste delicious. Nevertheless, for this occasion today and for the weather, my preference is tasty meatballs in warm broth with noodles.

What about you? Do you love meatballs and noodles? Furthermore, before I close this, I’d like to greet you all, Happy New Year 2016. May 2016 go better than 2015 for us. Leave behind the negatives of last year and have a brand new start this year”.

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