What You Can Write on Your Blog or Article Page

10859979_358458407667586_558864266_nCompany or organization blog is often written daily or at least twice a week. I remember when I was still working in a web hosting company, I wrote and published an article or at least a blog daily on the company website so that the web visitors could get benefit and spend quality time from visiting the website even if they maybe didn’t buy any product.

Of course, often it could be difficult to find ideas and topics to write about, especially when we publish on a daily basis. However, when we know from A to Z about our organization or company, maybe finding daily ideas isn’t too impossible. The keys in writing these are transparency and useful posts that could benefit the readers or give them answers.

Some Ideas You Could Think about…

                First, if we sell products, we can write about the materials or the equipment we use to create the products. For example, if we are restaurants who sell dishes, we can write about the ingredients we use, the health benefits of using the mentioned ingredients or maybe, from where we get them.

It may look like as if we’re revealing our secrets, but, it’s actually more like being transparent and honest to our customers and potential customers. I remember when I was writing about web hosting, I used to write about the software and features that the company offered plus the benefits that the customers can get from having them. This way, our customers can know in details about the products they buy and our potential customers may get information if they are buying the products they are looking for.

Second, we can also write about some useful tips and advices. We can explain on how to use the products well to get the maximum benefits and keep them protected from possible damage. Take as an example; if we sell furniture, we can write some tips about how to clean the furniture well. Alternatively, we can even write about the type of cleaner that the customers could use for the furniture in order to keep it in good condition for a long time.

On the other hand, if we sell services, we can offer some tips in dealing with a problem in certain situation. For example, usually doctors or vets write some tips on how to handle health problem or our pet’s health issue as an initial step. Even better, many even offer free online consultation for people who are desperate for answers. By doing these, they are showing people that they are true doctors or vets who maintain their ethical standards, caring for the lives of humans and animals.

Third, we can also write about some social projects that our company or organization is doing (the Corporate Social Responsibility projects). If in a plantation business, they can write about what they’re doing for the environment. If the plantation business uses quite big land area to plant, they can also write about where they plant it.

For example, they can show if they use an empty land or degraded land instead of green area like forest. If they do reforestation on a degraded land and convert it into a plantation, this could be a topic for them to write to their readers. By writing about the CSR projects, the customers will know that the company is not only growing profits but also growing on the social side.

These are only some basic ideas about what to write as a company or an organization. No matter it seems difficult to start writing and to start doing it routinely; we’ll eventually realize that this could be actually a good idea for our company or organization. Writing many things about our company or organization may not be easy in the beginning, but, as the time goes by, we’ll get used to it and be happy that we are doing it.

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