My December 25, 2015 – Another Christmas and Celebration That Went Well

Two days have passed since Christmas 2015. Another year has almost finished and another age was added to my life. During Christmas in the last five years, I have spent four Christmases in Italy, with exception of 2012, when I was visiting my family in Singapore.


As I wrote earlier, Christmas in Italy is very special as it has always been Italian tradition and culture, not only for the Christians but also for all Italians in general.

Even I myself, as a non-Italian and non-Christian, can feel the joy and happiness of every Christmas celebration I have joined in Italy.

Again, this is how I still feel about Christmas 2015 that just passed 2 days ago. During Christmas 2015, I passed some quality time with my Italian family. We ate Christmas lunch together, talked about the updates that we hadn’t shared together and surely, exchanged Christmas gifts with each other.


Additionally, in the past, before I lived in Italy, I had never realized the special feeling about being born on Christmas day.

Of course, my Christian friends in my country feel that it is very special to be born on the same day that Jesus Christ was born.

However, I unfortunately didn’t feel this too much as I’m actually a Buddhist.

Now, it seems to have changed. Living in a country where Christmas is a tradition and culture, I feel that it is a very special period. Being born on Christmas seems to be something exciting as well since it’s celebrated by the entire country as a national celebration.

This is how it went for my December 25, 2015 and Christmas this year. I’ve grown older another year, but, as Yoko Ono said, time is a concept that humans created as some people are old at 18 while some are young at 90.

In addition, finally yet importantly, I would like to greet sincerely to everyone, Happy Holidays and hope you’ve had a nice one with your family and friends.

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