Panettone with Zuppa Inglese Flavor

Since Christmas is coming, all supermarkets and bakeries in Italy sell Italian Christmas cakes named panettone and pandoro. From the handmade one to the one made in factory with machine, these Christmas cakes are some of the things Italians search the most during Christmas.

             Panettone itself has been a famous Christmas tradition not only in Italy but also in many other parts of the world such as southeastern France, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Malta, Albania, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile.

         As I once wrote, panettone with original recipe is added with candied fruits and raisins. However, panettone in the present days has also many other flavors. There is panettone with tiramisu flavor. There is also panettone with chocolate flavor or added with chocolate chips.

Not only the flavors above, what I’m going to show you now is panettone with Italian dessert flavor named zuppa inglese. If translated to English, it means “English soup”. Nevertheless, in Italian meaning, it actually refers to a well-known dessert in Italy.

                Zuppa Inglese is made from either sponge cake or ladyfinger biscuits (biscotti savoiardi). It also uses aromatic Italian herbal liqueur named alchermes and egg custard. Moreover, to complete the flavor, Zuppa Inglese adds dark chocolate cream on the top.

panettone with zuppa inglese flavor

Back to panettone, the one with Zuppa Inglese flavor consists of almost the same ingredients just like the dessert.

The only difference between the two is that panettone is not made from sponge cake or ladyfinger biscuits but from sweet bread loaf.

Nevertheless, inside panettone with Zuppa Inglese flavor, it still uses the Italian herbal liqueur and egg (by making it into egg yolk). Furthermore, it also adds chocolate powder on the top to give the complete flavor of Zuppa Inglese (as you can see in the picture).

No matter it looks different from the regular panettone recipe; this flavor is still a delicious version of panettone to try, especially for those who love Zuppa Inglese dessert. So guys, which one is your favorite panettone flavor for Christmas?

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