Celebrating Christmas in Italy

Christmas tree in Magenta

Christmas will arrive in around ten days more or less. In Italy, Christmas is one of the most important holidays, though in my opinion it is the most important one.

As a country with the majority of Christian Catholics, it sounds normal why Christmas is a very crucial, joyful and wonderful time for Italians.

Here, Italians celebrate Christmas in so many ways. From the preparation of Christmas tree in many parts of every city, the making of Jesus birth scene with art objects called the Crib (nativity scene) or il presepe in Italian and even the preparation of special Italian Christmas cakes named pandoro and panettone.

Christmas for Italians remains not only as the holy celebration for the Christians to celebrate but also as the period where Italians can spend lovely time with family and relatives to exchange happy moment and Christmas gifts with each other.

Christmas Decoration

During Christmas mealtime, Italians make delicious Christmas dishes such as il cotechino (a type of sausage), turkey, chicken, lasagna and of course as I mentioned above, they also prepare the Italian Christmas cakes.

Certainly, the dishes from one region to another vary according to their traditions. Nevertheless, one sure thing is that Italians will do their best to have amazing mealtime experience during Christmas.

Additionally, in every city, there are Christmas markets where Italians can buy the stuffs they need to celebrate Christmas and make the moment memorable.

In Italy, Christmas has been significant not only for the religious Christian believers but also for Italians in general as a marvelous tradition celebrated yearly from generation to generation.

Now after talking about Christmas in Italy, what do you think? how do you celebrate it in your country? 🙂


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