How to Develop Good Story in Storytelling?

at Varenna, Lombardy, Italy

Without doubt, storytelling is a very effective strategy especially these days in communication and marketing of any industry. Brands, organizations and even individual professionals or famous people use storytelling to persuade more people.

When people say that statistics, data and reports are important to convince people, storytelling isn’t less important than those. Some people may find that it could be boring to read numbers, lists and statistics. On the other hand, narrative story will find the quicker way to reach the brain and heart of its readers, listeners and viewers.

The most important things are to make it as interesting as possible and as “close” as possible to the listeners, viewers and readers. So, how to develop it?

  1. Make sure it has good plot. Every story has a plot to attract people to listen. Pick the right story and develop the right plot with good drama and touching story.
  2. Make sure it is connected. People will be attracted if the story they listen is connected to their real life. Not only connected to their life, make sure also that the story is connected to the message we want to convey.
  3. Make sure that we use the right image, video or audio to accompany our story. If there are things that could make stories better, they are wonderful images. Alternatively, if the story is in a video, make sure we use the right audio that accompany it as background sound.
  4. Make sure that our story can live through our readers, listeners or viewers’ five senses. This way, our readers and listeners could use their imagination to live the story, with their abilities to smell, hear, see, feel and touch.
  5. Make sure that the story is brief but clear and detailed. Interesting story doesn’t need to be too long as some people could get bored easily with too long narration. Keep it clear and brief.

Not only these five steps to develop effective storytelling, we can also make our readers, viewers and listeners “feel” the story better by using real story. There is no better influencer and motivator than real experience.

Of course, maybe sometimes, we don’t have the right experience to tell a story that’s connected to the message we’d like to convey. However, we can also share other’s story, by surely asking the person’s permission first and giving credits to him/her to allow us to tell the story.

After the story’s developed, check it thoroughly before we share it to see if it has good introduction, cause, problem, action and solution in it. When we are sure, we can then tell it to the world. Even better, with the era of internet and social media, the story could reach people easier.

So what do you think? Have you ever shared your story? If not, maybe you can try it as not only for communication and for marketing techniques, storytelling actually could help other people, as we never know who has the same story as the one we share and tell. Maybe one of our readers and listeners does.

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