Do Dogs Need Warm Clothes and Suffer from Cold Weather?

Some conservative dog owners and pet experts still think that actually dogs never need warm clothes like sweater or coat during cold weather. They consider that since dogs have their own fur to cover and protect their bodies, warm clothes are unnecessary.

I will have to agree and disagree at the same time. How? To me, it depends on what kind of dogs we have. For example, dogs like golden retriever, Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, collie and others who have double layer coats may not need warm clothes during cold weather like autumn and winter.

Their double layer coats are able to protect them from cold weather as their coats keep the heat in their bodies while also block the cold from outside to enter. However, unfortunately it’s not the same with dogs that have single layer coat.

Dogs with single coat like Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese or Poodle may suffer from cold weather like autumn and winter. During cold seasons, they may need extra help from their humans to keep them warm, as their type of fur is not sufficient to protect and cover them from cold.

BEI with Benetton Sweater

For example, as a Yorkshire terrier mom (yep, I would like to call myself a yorkie mom, not owner), I’d love to keep him warm during autumn and winter. To protect him from cold (no matter I know he hates summer and prefers colder temperature), I provide him with enough blankets on sofa and floor (whenever he decides to stay on floor) plus also warm clothes like sweater and dog coats to protect him when he goes outside the house.

I have seen some yorkies and Chihuahua who shiver from cold during winter and suffer from insufficient clothes. Just like humans during autumn and winter, single coated dogs also need warm clothes to protect them from the cold.

In addition, even in my opinion, double coated dogs need protection from cold weather. For example, I know that some dog owners still think letting their dogs to stay outside during winter is fine (though I disagree completely with this as I consider when a dog is adopted, it means he becomes a family too and family members live inside the house).

But, if they still think it’s okay, providing their dogs with adequate warm shelter (doghouse) and blanket is obligatory. However, of course, it’s better to keep them inside the house as staying outside when the temperature is under ten Celsius or even minus is never good for any type of dogs no matter they’re single or double coated.

So fellow dog lovers, if you ask me if dogs need warm clothes and suffer from cold weather, my point of view is they do and as their humans, it’s our duty to protect them and make sure they stay warm.

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