How Often to Bath a Yorkie Terrier

As maybe some of you have noticed, I have a yorkie terrier that I adopted in 2013 when he was 11 months old. Before he came into our family, I always tried to gather enough information on how take good care of yorkies. One of the things I learned was how often I should bath or shower a yorkie.

The first answer that I received in Italy (as I live here) is that dogs in general should take a shower or bath only once a month, including yorkies. Even some said only three or four times a year, with the change of each season. I disagree with this idea for yorkie terrier.

However, I also got the other answers as well. Many owners, especially American owners of yorkie terriers, said that they bath or shower their yorkies once a week or every five days (during summer) while less during colder seasons. Some others said that they bath or shower their yorkies whenever they need it or whenever their yorkies get dirty or have bad smell. I agree.

Why Do Yorkshire Terriers Need Bath or Shower More Often?

BEI The Yorkie after Shower

       The first simple reason is that yorkies have hair and not fur that can grow long like human’s hair or short if their humans decide to keep it short. This makes them need good care like proper grooming and proper cleaning for their hair (coat).

When Yorkshire terrier’s coat is groomed routinely and kept clean, it will look really shiny and beautiful. This is what I notice from my yorkie terrier, BEI. After he takes a shower or bath, he looks shiny and feels so smooth. In addition, whenever I groom him well every single day, his coat looks very good.

Just like human’s hair, whenever we don’t comb our hair regularly or wash it when it gets dirty or oily, it will look dull and not shiny. This is how yorkies are in my opinion. Surely, I don’t shower or bath BEI every two days like I do for my own hair.

So What about BEI My Yorkie?

For BEI my yorkie terrier, it depends on which season it is. For summer, I usually bath him every week as he always goes to the park twice a day to play. During spring and autumn, I bath him less like once every two weeks, as the weather is not too hot. While for winter, I do it even less, from three to four weeks, which depends on how dirty he is.

When I bath him, I always do it in the afternoon or early evening with warm water. Furthermore, to prevent his skin from being dry, I also always apply conditioner after shampoo just to make sure that his coat and skin are completely protected.

Moreover, the other important thing is, I always use dog shampoo and conditioner for puppies (plus never my own shampoo and conditioner), as those made for dogs, especially for puppies, have less chemicals.

This is my BEI’s story as a yorkie terrier living with me his human. What about your dogs?

* For more about BEI The Yorkie, you can get updates from his pages at:

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