How to Mix Italian and Indonesian Taste in One Dish

In Italy, my friend gave me a recipe on how to mix the feel of Italian food and Indonesian food in one dish. Many people might say that it ruins the origins of both food. However, if we think with open-minded thought about this, I think it’s kind of fun experiment that has made a great tasty recipe and food. Additionally, it even shows creativity to cook a dish that has both feelings from Italy and Indonesia.

What Is It?

pasta terasi (spaghetti terasi)

Now let us talk about it. The ingredients used include a type of long pasta (spaghetti) and Indonesian shrimp paste, which we we call as Terasi in Indonesian language.

To make the dish, it’s pretty easy actually. We just need to also add onion or garlic, the pasta and the shrimp paste plus salt. Well, for those who love spicy food, we can also add chilli into the dish (as I did).

Additionally, we can use tomatoes to add the taste into the pasta. In my opinion, tomato is like an obligatory ingredient in many pasta dishes. Then, we can add either mushrooms or minced meat (for those who prefer meat). In this pic, I only used tomato and mushrooms to accompany the dish.

In Indonesia, terasi or shrimp paste is used in many dishes. Even, it can be made into chilli sauce (terasi chilli), which can be put as one of the ingredients of the famous Indonesian food, Nasi Goreng (fried rice). In fact, for this spaghetti terasi, I used ready terasi chilli instead of only terasi.

In the end, to cook any dish, it really depends on someone’s creativity and talent. The most important things in cooking are that they’re delicious and harmless to health. So, let our creativity and imagination grow in the kitchen guys 🙂

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