Posts on Social Media? There Are Dos and Don’ts

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In the last decade, we’ve been living in the era of social media. As I mentioned in earlier post, new platforms appear each year that we can’t really keep track on how many they have been as the number keeps changing. With so many social media platforms available, we often question what we should actually post on numerous accounts that we have.

Non-profit organizations are active in their social activism. Corporate entities post the products and services they have, promote them and inform people the benefits they can receive from purchasing. While for individuals or professionals, what should we post on our social media accounts?

Let’s start with Don’ts

The platform is called social media. It’s true that we need to socialize. We should talk with netizens and discuss about actual topics online according to our areas of expertise and interests. However, keep in mind there are things that aren’t advisable to post for our own good.

The main examples are complaining about life and posting miserable stuffs online. I know that sometimes we feel life is unfair. However, talking about it online all the time (not once or seldom but like 60-90% of our posts) can get people bored of us and think that we’re just whiny. Social media is to socialize, not to tell the whole world about emotional private stuffs we’re undergoing.

Moreover, talking about private stuffs, never post something that could drag other people down in social media posts just based on own personal judgement. If we have personal issues with someone, such as friends, relatives or especially our own family, never embarrass them by telling the whole world the problem we’re having with them. Solve it by talking the issue with the related persons.

What about Dos ?

                On the other hand, actually we can really put our social media into good use for others and even ourselves. As I said, it’s the place to socialize. It’s also the place where things could spread faster than light. Therefore, make it into good and beneficial use.

For example, we can socialize our projects and abilities (areas of expertise) if we’re searching for collaboration with the right parties, just like how corporate entities market and promote their products and services. Remember that we’ll never know what the future brings for us.

Additionally, we can also socialize our interests and hobbies, especially the useful ones, in case that it could also be helpful for other people. For example, people who love cooking can share their cooking tips and recipes. People who love traveling can share the places they have been for tips and people who love gardening can share about their gardening experience.

This way, our social media readers can get the most of what we post, whether they are someone we know or even unknown people we have on our contact list. When we post about areas of expertise and interests, it’s not obligatory to always write all by ourselves or to keep posting our own links from our websites.

Surely, we want people to know how good or how informed we are in the subjects. However, it’s also better to post and share others’ links as no matter how good we are in the topics, there is always chance that someone else knows something that we haven’t known, which our social media readers could benefit from.

In the end, I would like to summarize about simple social media posting rule, “It’s a place to socialize and be sociable; but, it’s never the place where our personal issues must get social”.

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