Sustainable Developments as Corporate Social Responsibility

Lecco, Lombardy, Italy

Sustainable developments have been the issue to prioritize in the last twenty years. With the threat of global warming, climate change and growing population, the awareness to find solutions for these issues has grown widely.

It has become not only the responsibility of each person as individuals and non-profit organizations but also the responsibility of corporate entities. For corporates, it shows conscience and proves that there are law, ethics and norms to follow.

In the present days, the programs of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in every corporate entity continue to exist. From my point of view, to have the best programs, at least these four aspects to achieve sustainable developments of our planet should be included.

Sustainable Environment

                To achieve environmental sustainability, corporate entities can control some steps such as materials used, how they are processed, how much water is used and how to manage the end waste. If every step is sustainable, the results will not harm environment.

The steps are sustainable if the materials can be recycled and if the processing and end waste will not create pollution, including water, green areas and the air we breathe.

Sustainable wildlife

                Additionally, sustainable development should also consist of wildlife sustainability. This means wildlife conservation for animals (especially endangered animals) should be one of the priorities. In running a company, we must never threaten the life of animals.

For example, sustainable plantation of Agriculture Company should never use green areas like forests by cutting down all the trees or (worse) burning them as it will not only pollute the air and reduce green areas but it will also make animals lose their homes.

Sustainable energy

Choosing the right energy type like sustainable energy means that we use clean energy that doesn’t pollute the planet and energy that will always be available, such as wind energy and solar energy.

By reducing the use of fossil energy, we help not only to reduce pollution but also to conserve fossil energy that takes millions of years to form. Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy is also a part of environmental sustainability program.

Sustainable human resources

                Finally yet importantly, sustainable programs of corporate entities must include the sustainability of human resources. The entire team are those who sustain the life of the company. It will be important to maintain them by giving them proper success planning (development training and workshops) plus reward and appreciation for their hard work and talent.

Moreover, it is also crucial to keep good working environment to boost the performance of human resources. People say the best ones are those who can work under stress. I personally prefer to rephrase it to the best ones are those who can work under deadlines. To achieve this, proper planning, reward and good working environment are keys to reach objectives, goals and deadlines.

After realizing all, the next step is to communicate it well to the public. Develop effective communication strategy so people know our CSR programs better. Tell everything from beginning to end to inform public in details that we actually care.

Additionally, keep relation with stakeholders. No entity can survive well without maintaining bonding relation with their stakeholders. They could include wide variety of groups, from non-profit organizations who keep fighting for our planet to media.

I will repeat again that people respect and acknowledge sincerity, honesty and transparency. Grow and promote the progresses, as sustainable developments and Corporate Social Responsibility could be two essential points that ensure the sustainability of any corporate entity.

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