Is Having Many Social Media Accounts Enough for Online Marketing?

Greetings from Lake Como with BEI

New social media platforms keep increasing more and more in number. It seems that it will never be enough to have many social media platforms. Simply, we can never have them all as the new ones will be coming continuously.

I remember the first social media account I ever had was Friendster, a platform that has shut down for years. Then, I had Myspace that was also huge that time. During that period, social media or social networking sites was simply the platforms to connect with friends and relatives.

When Facebook arrived, I was one of its first users in its first five years, having registered since 2007. I saw it develop from its first designs. Unlike Myspace and Friendster that I personally liked less and that I had only for friends networking but without interest, I knew that Facebook had potential from the beginning. I was right. Until now, one of its biggest rivals might be Twitter, which appeared two years after Facebook.

In the last years, the aims in using social media have changed, from friends and relatives networking to marketing and promotion. This makes the necessity to have social media accounts increase drastically from unimportant to “urgent”. Either they are organizations, companies or even professional individuals, social media platforms have been crucial methods for marketing.

However, when we talk about effective online campaigns, is it enough doing social media marketing by just having many social media platforms? Is it enough by regularly posting it several times a day? I’m not really sure about it. No matter social media seems to be like a fun time activity, the professional use of social media clearly needs strategies to succeed.

Define How Many and Which Ones to Use

We should know how many and which ones that we’d like to use to conduct our marketing campaigns. Surely, the principal ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin are “must have” basic platforms.

However, there are also Path, Vimeo, Academia (for research and papers), Tumblr, Internations (for foreign expats) and so many others. Additionally, platforms like StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious help us bookmark and share our links (social bookmarking purpose). That’s why, define first how many we can handle and which ones are the most important platforms for us.

For example, photographers and photo/image editors may prefer Instagram, Pinterest and image oriented social media platforms to share and promote their professional works. Alternatively, video makers may like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and other video oriented platforms. Researchers on the other hand may prefer Academia.

The most important things are to know well our aims and to define how many social media platforms we can handle effectively.

Know Your Target

                It’s crucial to understand which target we want to direct our marketing campaigns. We certainly know who we are, what we do and what we can offer. Therefore, we must target our audiences well such as age, gender, cultures and even nationalities in different social media platforms.

                Take as an example that people in China may prefer Weibo as their Twitter substitution and WeChat (mobile messenger and mobile social networking app). On the other hand, Path is a very popular social media platform in Indonesia and many Indonesians use it more. Many even post to Facebook and Twitter automatically from their Path accounts, where their original posts come from.

Instead of choosing the social media platforms we feel comfortable to use most according to our own preferences, it’s better if we know our target well.

Deliver Effective Campaign Strategy

                After everything is set, prepare and deliver effective marketing campaigns. Making sure that we prepare the right campaign is necessary. We’ll want to use the right image, video, design, color and even the right marketing words on each social media platform to reach success, depending on who we are, our mission and target.

Many industries want to make sure that people know that they are doing the best in the business and nobody can match them. To do this, it’s important to emphasize on how people could benefit from the products and services. Some companies focus on their end profits. However, great marketing campaigns focus on the benefits people may get by choosing the industries they represent.

Furthermore, when we have delivered our marketing campaigns online, always try to interact. People love organizations and companies who connect and talk with them. I know how hard it could be for big companies and organizations to handle thousands of messages, comments and questions. Nevertheless, if they are so many, we can try observing the most urgent ones and responding to their needs. This way, people will know that the brands really care.

Measure Our Results

                Routinely, we also must see how effective our marketing campaigns are on social media. In this era, it can be measured easily with social media tools or statistics tools provided by the social media platforms, like Facebook insights for example. Alternatively, we can also observe it by seeing the views per post, likes, comments and share by others to see what kind of marketing campaigns people prefer the most.

With routine measurement check on our online marketing campaigns, we can see if we can keep using the same strategy next time, or, if we have to change and find another solution to effectively connect with potential clients and network.

To close, preparing and doing branding or marketing campaigns on social media platforms in the last years have been very helpful for brands, organizations and professional individuals to promote themselves.

Having social media and online marketing competences are beneficial. Nevertheless, in addition to having many social media accounts, knowing how to perform effectively will be the more crucial issue to consider. Quantity is good, but quality is the turning point.


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