Bread and Italian Food Lovers, You Might Want to Taste Appetizing Piadina from Romagna

As we all know, Europe is famous for its delicious breads. Every European country has its own special bread to consume. Especially in Italy, bread is one of their main carbohydrate sources. You can find so many kinds of different breads in this pizza and pasta country.

Talking about breads, do you know that they also consume a flatbread named Piadina? It is an Italian flatbread coming from Romagna, a historical Region in Italy. Since Piadina comes from this special region, they also call it Piadina Romagnola. For those who live in Italy or for those who visit the country, this is another delicious Italian food to try.                

My Piadina
My Piadina

Despite the fact that Piadina comes from Romagna, this tasty flatbread is present in any city in Italy. You can buy and eat Piadina in a special kiosk called piadineria. In the menu list at the kiosk, this flatbread from Romagna is prepared and served with various fillings inside. You can always choose the ones that you like best as they really have so many options to pick.

Nevertheless, you can prepare Piadina by yourself at home if you feel that you have skill in making breads. Thanks to internet and the Italians who post the recipes, you can search how to make Piadina Romagnola online if you are a good cook who knows how to make breads. You just need to make sure that you find the right recipe for you.

On the other hand, if you only want to experiment with the fillings, you can buy the flatbreads in Italian supermarkets as they sell the ready ones. Not only you can find them in supermarkets, homemade Piadina (piadine artigianali) is also available at Italian panificio (bread kiosk). When you find the perfect Romagna flatbread to bring home, you can use the fillings you prefer according to your taste.

In many recipes, piadina can be served with both sweet and salty fillings. For the sweet ones, many Italians put Nutella inside the flatbread as their choice. For the salty ones, they usually put different types of vegetables and meat inside the flatbread such as fresh tomatoes, arugula, ham, sausage, tuna etc. In addition, cheese lovers can surely add cheese into the fillings to complete the taste.

For Italian food and bread lovers, Piadina Romagnola is one guilty pleasure to enjoy at any moment of the day. In my opinion, authentic and yummy are the words to describe this Italian flatbread.

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