Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany

At Expo 2015

The first time I went to Expo 2015, it was quite a quick journey from one pavilion to another. I only had few opportunities to visit the countries’ pavilions from 7 p.m. as in the morning and afternoon; I was attending a sustainability conference at this universal exposition.

Fortunately, I’ve had other chances to visit the historical event before it finally ends next month on October 31. My next visits at Expo 2015 gave me clearer understanding and better excitement. At Expo 2015, I had the opportunity to visit “many countries”, who are trying their best to exhibit the values and richness of their nations.

Among all pavilions, I had the nicest impression from The Pavilion of Germany. The theme of the pavilion is called Field of Ideas” and it’s maybe one of the best pavilions that really exhibit the theme of Expo 2015 (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life).

Unfortunately, I must say that many others that I wouldn’t mention here just use the huge occasion to “advertise” their own countries without really having the essence of Expo 2015.

Based on my journey so far in this universal exposition, I think Germany does have the best pavilion. The impression might possibly come from the fact that I haven’t got the chances to visit Pavilion of Italy and Japan due to the extremely long queue to enter. I also haven’t visited the international organizations’ pavilions like European Union and United Nations. Nevertheless, the Germans absolutely know what they are doing at Expo 2015.

Inside Pavilion of Germany

               I queued around an hour and a half before entering the German pavilion. However, the waiting time was paid off once I got in. They gave a “seed-board” at the entrance door for the visitors to use inside to navigate the media, technology and information about how Germany can provide solution for nutrition. With this magical seed-board, visitors can be active during the exploration in the pavilion.

The Seed-Board
The Magical Seed-Board

In addition, visitors could also interact with real nature as Germany provides the exhibition of soil, water, climate and biodiversity. The idea is to experience the complete solution on how the country is ready to solve future challenges regarding food and nutrition.

                The journey to Pavilion of Germany definitely could give clearer understanding about what Expo 2015 is. After the memorable visit in this pavilion, I surely don’t want to miss the opportunities to visit the other pavilions such as Italy, Japan, European Union and United Nations no matter how long the queue will be. I’m sure they may also have their own perfect solutions to face the issue on world nutrition.

Therefore, for now, I’ll just say, “until the next time Expo 2015, I’ll see you again soon before October 31 arrives…” – Dewi Wihardja

Pavilion of Germany from Outside
Pavilion of Germany from Outside

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