Berlin – Your Modern Urban City to Opt for Holiday

My trip to the biggest city of Germany happened last summer 2014. I know the post may have been quite late. However, even if I’m just writing about the fantastic Berlin at the moment, the memory of the visit still goes strong in my mind. This city has made me get in love with Germany for holiday destination.

in Berlin with BEI
in Berlin with BEI

Berlin is completely the right urban city for travelers who love to come to big cities for their holiday itineraries. Everything about Berlin is historical and important, completed with uncountable sites to visit. Therefore, to continue my story, let me start with some of the significant sites at Berlin that I will always remember for their remarks in history.

  1. Brandenburg Gate or Brandenburger Tor

This gate is absolutely one of the most popular landmarks in Germany for visitors. During all time of its presence since the 18th century, the gate has become a great landmark of Germany and Europe, symbolizing peace and unity.


  1. The Remains of Berlin Wall

If you would like to visit the remains of Berlin Wall, the site is open for public. At the site, you’ll be able to find the remains of the wall and witness the story that has brought huge sorrow to many people. Here, you can also see many detailed explanations and video about the sad history.


  1. Holocaust Memorial

The construction of the memorial finished in the end of 2004 and it aims to become the memorial of the horrifying event that had occurred. Until the present days, people can come to visit the site. The memorial site is covered with grey stone slabs (Stele) with grid patterns, ranging in height and width.


  1. Reichstag building

The history of this building dated back in the 19th century as it was built for the parliament of Germany. After reconstruction in 1999, the remarkable building is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in Germany. Public can also go up to its cupola where spectacular view of the city can be seen.


  1. Berlin Cathedral

The cathedral belongs to the evangelical believers. Even if the present cathedral was constructed in early 20th century, the very first story of the church originated from the 15th century. The impressive architecture of the cathedral comes from historicism style of the German Empire.


These sites are my top five list of “must visit” crucial places in Berlin. However, no matter I have written only five, Berlin still has many other stuffs to offer to its visitors, like for example, The Olympiastadion. This modern urban city should definitely be anyone’s itinerary list for European cities to visit anytime, as its historical importance is too compelling to skip.


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