A Nice Day Trip in Bremen that also Perfected My Summer Holiday

Bremen Cathedral
Bremen Cathedral

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the day trips I chose while I was visiting Hamburg was Bremen, where there are two magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The journey with train from Hamburg took longer than it was to Lubeck as I spent around an hour to arrive.

However, I should say that no matter it took longer time, the day trip to Bremen was just as memorable as the day trip to Lubeck. When I had arrived there, I went to the city center to have lunch, where there are also the excellent stuffs I’d like to tell now.

After finishing my Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) for lunch, I started my walk. In the city center, I have noticed there are three incredible landmarks. Now let’s discuss them one by one.

Bremen Cathedral

Inside the cathedral
Inside the cathedral

The church is just pleasing to see from both the outside and inside. It is dedicated to St. Peter and it belongs to the Evangelical Church in Germany. Protected by monument protection act since 40 years ago, this beautiful cathedral was constructed with Romanesque style.

from the top of the cathedral
from the top of the cathedral

Not only it is possible to witness and enjoy the beauty of the outside and the inside design, visitors also have the opportunity to go up to the top of the cathedral to enjoy the view of Bremen. One little minus is that the view is a bit disturbed by the wire mesh they use to cover the windows. Nevertheless, the view is still pretty.

Roland Statue

The statue is under UNESCO protection as its world heritage from 2004. It is located in the city center in front of the cathedral (with the face of the statue facing the church) and the town hall (Rathaus). Placed since the beginning of the 15th century with the total of around 10 meters height, the statue is believed as the protector of the entire city.


The remarkable Bremen Roland is considered as well as the symbol of liberty and freedom. The people believe that as long as the statue stands, Bremen will remain independent under its protection.

Rathaus (Town Hall)

The town hall of Bremen has also been listed together with the Roland Statue as UNESCO World Heritage. As a town hall, it is the official seat of the Bremen Mayor and the President of the Senate. The town hall is one of the fantastic examples of brick gothic architecture in Europe.


The town hall has undergone several restorations so far with the last one in 2003. During the Second World War, the building suffered only small damage no matter the entire city was quite destroyed.

After the city center, I continued my walk around to the other parts of the city just to relax. However, no matter there are still other great stuffs to see in the lovely Bremen, the city center always remains the most interesting area to enjoy first.

Nature View in Bremen
Nature View in Bremen

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