Lubeck – The City of “Wonderland”

11817171_10153481190047910_3204050292321994370_nThe Hanseatic City of Lubeck might be one of the most impressive cities of Germany. When I first arrived at this historical city, I directly understood why the city has been listed as the world heritage of UNESCO.

My first impression while I was walking along its streets and looking at its buildings was that the entire city looked like a “wonderland”.

The particular designs and uniqueness inside the city were completely eye-catching. Lubeck may not be a big city; but it is a remarkable and astonishing one.

The architecture of Hanseatic City of Lubeck is dominated by Brick Gothic design as the buildings are majorly constructed by using bricks.

I had the opportunity to come to this beautiful city on a sunny Monday during my visit to Hamburg. To arrive at Lubeck, it was easy for me as there is train every thirty minutes that departs from Hamburg. The duration of the journey also doesn’t take too much time as it is only around 45 minutes, which is more or less like the time I need to reach Milan from the city I live in Italy.

at Holstentor
at Holstentor

Once I started my walk in Lubeck, the first gorgeous building that I saw was Holstentor, recognized as well as the gate of Lubeck. Around this marvelous gate, there is a green garden area where visitors can enjoy the view, sit down and take picture of this spectacular landmark. Additionally, a museum inside describes the history of the landmark and the past good days of the city.

The Cathedral
The Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral

After Holstentor, I continued my relaxing walk to see the Cathedral of Lubeck, which is also brick-built. Its construction dated back in the 12th century. The cathedral was unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War. However, its reconstruction was successfully finished in the 1980s.

Hospital of Holy Spirit
Hospital of Holy Spirit

My walk in Lubeck certainly didn’t just stop here. From the cathedral, I continued to walk into the city center, where there are more to see in this “wonderland” such as the Rathaus (City Hall), St. Jacob’s Church, Holy Spirit Hospital and some others. To complete my journey in Lubeck, I then strolled into the St.-Annen-Straße, which is a lovely street in the old town of Lubeck.


                For people who seek to travel into places where deep history and particular architectural designs show their presence, Lubeck could be one of the best choices available. Briefly, I’d say that my journey in Lubeck began with awe and ended with delight.

at St. Annen

“As knowledge increases, wonder deepens” – C. Morgan

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