Fabulous Memory of Summer Holiday 2015 in Hamburg

11822326_10153476038027910_3432501115552099081_nComing to Hamburg unexpectedly as my previous plan was going to another European city, the summer holiday turned out to be as fantastic as I wanted without any disappointment for my plan change.

As the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is full of tourist attractions and attractive for the visitors to come and enjoy.

In summer, it has the perfect weather for those who don’t like too much heat as the temperature is decent (for me). Here, I spent another seven days like last year in Germany.

During one week, 5 days were for exploring Hamburg while the other two days were for Lubeck and Bremen each. However, I will talk about Lubeck and Bremen in separated posts. In Hamburg, I’ve noticed there are tourist attractions that I couldn’t miss as they are not only remarkable but also gorgeous. Here are some memorable ones.

Rathaus (Town/City Hall)

Located near Binnenalster in the center of Hamburg that can be easily reached with U-Bahn (subway) line 1 and 3, the building shows a wonderful architecture with the external part displaying neo-renaissance model. Rathaus is the seat of Hamburg government.

Rathaus (City Hall)

Binnenalster Lake

It is the inner Alster Lake in Hamburg and it can be reached with subway by stopping at Jungfernstieg station. During day or night, the area is always crowded with people passing by, including tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful view. The surrounding area is full of shops and restaurants.

Binnenalster in the night
Binnenalster in the night

Planten un Blomen Park

With the size of 47 hectares, the park offers its visitors with so many types of plants and flowers (which is also the literal translation of its name). This gigantic park is famous for its performances and another good thing about it is that it doesn’t charge any entrance fee.

at Planten un Blomen with BEI
at Planten un Blomen with BEI

Speicherstadt in Hafen City plus Chilehaus

Both Speicherstadt and Chilehaus have been given status as the newest UNESCO world heritage sites since July 2015. I may have been one of their first visitors a month after. Speicherstadt, constructed in the 19th century, is the biggest warehouse district located in Hafen City that was once a port.


On the other hand, Chilehaus (Chile House) is a uniquely designed office building that has ten floors. It was designed with brick expressionism architecture and the construction was finished the 1920s.


Reeperbahn (Red Light District)

This might be attraction to many people for its nightlife and St. Pauli. However, my biggest interest there was to see the small part of the area named Beatles-Platz, left to remember the memories of The Beatles who used to perform there during their early days. John Lennon himself famously said, “I might have been born in Liverpool. But, I grew up in Hamburg”

Beatles-Plats with four shapes looking like the four members of Beatles and their musical instruments
Beatles-Plats with four shapes looking like the four members of Beatles and their musical instruments

In addition, there are other interesting tourist attractions in Hamburg such as Elbe Tunnel, The Port of Hamburg, St. Michael’s Church etc. After seven days, my holiday finished but I was satisfied. Germany and its cities have special place in my heart for holiday destinations.

After having visited its five cities, I’m now even more curious about the other cities of this country, giving me the will to return in the future to Germany. To close this post, here are some other pics about my journey there, hope you like them 🙂

At the Port of Hamburg
At the Port of Hamburg
St. Michael's Church
St. Michael’s Church

At the Port of Hamburg

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