Three Types of Unforgettable Liquor for Me

Living in Italy and traveling around Europe when there is time and chance, alcoholic beverages are some of the great temptations to enjoy. Italy and France for example, they have amazing wines. Italy itself has other numerous alcoholic beverages to try. On the other hand, Germany is awesome with the beers.

The beers they have in Germany are not only the normal beers. But, they also have the beer cocktails that are sweet. Honestly, for myself, I always prefer sweet liquors that are not only pure alcohol and contain other ingredients inside like fruits or herbs.

Among all my few experiences I’ve had so far in Europe, there are three types of alcoholic beverages or liquor that I can’t forget. However, I’d like to emphasize first that even if drinking alcoholic beverages is normal for most people including myself, drinking responsibly with normal portion must always be top priority.

Back to the story, here are my top three preferences for liquor or alcoholic beverages that have special places in my memory:

  • Creamy alcoholic beverages with different flavors of fruits are some of my favorites. Especially that I live in Italy, this type of liquor is one of their best specialties for alcoholic beverages. They can make these beverages from various different flavors of fruits according to our preferences, such as lemon, strawberry, wild berries, melon, coconut and many others.
Creamy Alcoholic Beverages with Strawberries (left) and Wild Berries (right)
Creamy Alcoholic Beverages with Strawberries (left) and Wild Berries (right)
  • Ratafia made of cherry is another preference of mine for liquor. I tasted it in its hometown Biella, a beautiful city in the region of Piedmont and I’ve never forgotten about it since. Actually, they mentioned to me that ratafia has three different flavors and the one with cherry is only one of the three. However, it seems to be my most favorite.
Ratafia with Cherry flavor
Ratafia with Cherry flavor
  • Berliner Weisse is amazing beer cocktails that come from Berlin, Germany. I tried them last summer 2014 in August. To me, it is really one of the best ways to turn beers into cocktails. Berliner Weisse has two different flavors. The one with purplish red color is added with fruit syrup (raspberry). On the other hand, the other (green one) is added with herbal syrup (woodruff).
Berliner Weisse with Raspberry and Woodruff
Berliner Weisse with Raspberry (right) and Woodruff (left)

These three alcoholic beverages are my three favorite ones. Nevertheless, I certainly enjoy some other types of cocktails too. The most important thing for me is that the liquor isn’t made of merely alcohol but added with fruits and other ingredients.

What about you? Have you tried any of the three alcoholic beverages I mentioned above?

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