Dragon Well Tea, Late Discovery for Me but, Better Late than Never

Long Jing / Lung Ching / Dragon Well from Spring and Imported from Zhejiang Province
Long Jing / Lung Ching / Dragon Well from Spring and Imported from Zhejiang Province

Just last week I heard from my mom that I could start finding and drinking another amazing Chinese tea. It is not new discovery but it was only that I never knew about that. The tea is called Long Jing or Lung Ching or Dragon Well.

It is a kind of very high quality (or maybe the best) Chinese green tea. With recommendation from my mom that knows many things about healthy drinks, I bought a package of Long Jing or Dragon Well tea just few days ago. Definitely, like the other amazing Asian tea drinks, Long Jing also provides the people who drink it wonderful health benefits.

It Is the Best Quality Green Tea in China

For starter, Long Jing is considered as the best green tea with the best quality in China. As we know, China is one of the oldest countries producing and consuming tea. The price is also expensive. It has different levels of prices that depend on the grades just like Pu-erh tea.

The best Long Jing tea with better health benefits is produced during springtime while the one with less quality is produced during autumn. So, make sure when we purchase Long Jing tea, we buy the one harvested and produced in springtime.

One more thing, the best Long Jing or Dragon Well tea comes originally from Zhejiang Province, China (especially West Lake). Other than West Lake, the other parts of Zhejiang Province also produce quality Long Jing or Dragon Well tea for us to purchase.

Long Jing Tea is Made with Human Hands

Long Jing / Lung Ching / Dragon Well Tealeaves
Long Jing / Lung Ching / Dragon Well Tea leaves

                When I mentioned Long Jing tea is made by hands, this means the process of making this amazing tea is done on iron pans by using human hands. Even to form the tea leaves into flat sticks, everything is done with hands.

                As it proves itself as the best quality of green tea type, Long Jing tea has the best of green tea’s health benefits. It has the highest concentrated antioxidants expected from green tea (catechins).

With the antioxidants, we can receive health benefits including cancer prevention, weight loss, cholesterol reduction and healthy skin as well.

Furthermore, Long Jing tea also provides us vitamins C and amino acids that are effective to maintain our body stamina and health plus to make sure that our entire body functions well.

           Amino acids also help to protect our skin and hair to maintain healthy hair and healthy skin. We can get numerous health benefits from this greatest green tea. Honestly, I just started to consume it and I’ll make another post once I fully experience its complete health benefits.

This late discovery of mine was on full credits to my mother who always enjoys consuming healthy food and drinks. Actually, she found the tea like a couple years ago. However, maybe she just told me now, as she didn’t think that I could find it as well in Italy.

                Another information, when we want to prepare Long Jing or Dragon Well tea, it is always best to prepare it with 80°C water and no higher to keep the perfect health benefits. Additionally, take the tea leaves out after 3 to 4 minutes. It is not good to keep the tealeaves inside hot water longer than few minutes as it may reduce or even ruin the health benefits.

However, again guys, remember to keep rotating tea types that we consume. To receive the complete health benefits from all kinds of tea, it is always great to keep changing from one to another after some period.



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