From Big City to the Suburb…

Park of Magenta
Park of Magenta

When I arrived in Italy in the beginning, I was not used to the life of calm city where I live now. In Indonesia, I used to live in the metropolitan city of Jakarta, which is also the capital city.

Just as comparison, Jakarta is a city with around 10 million inhabitants while the Italian city where I live now is only around 25 thousands inhabitants.

However, after having been here for four years (by August 2015), I start to get used to the life in this city in the Province of Milan. Actually, I have noticed that there are several advantages to enjoy by living in the suburb.

Calmer Atmosphere

Big City or metropolitan is often too crowded with people. For example, when I was still living in Jakarta, the city is too crowded that even there are people living by the river or next to the railway as people from outside the city keep coming each year to live in the capital city. Loud noises in the night are common.

On the other hand, living in the suburb is so calm that usually in the night; I can see only few people in the street, except during summertime where people love to stay outside. It is also very rare that people make so much noise in the night.

Basilica di San Martino (Magenta)
Basilica di San Martino (Magenta)

Less Pollution and Traffic Jam

In Jakarta, it was mostly noise and air pollution. The private transportations like cars and motorcycles are so many as they pass every single corner of Jakarta roads each day, each hour and each minute. To move around inside the city would even cost us like two-hour time (at least) for going and returning to home, especially during peak hours.

                With less cars and motorcycles in the suburb, it makes the roads become enjoyable to pass as people can pass smoothly from one place to another. Noise and air pollution become certainly less too if compared to the big city life.

Less Cost for the Life

Based on my personal experience, Jakarta is considered as the most expensive place to live in Indonesia, maybe along with the island of Bali. Especially, if people want to follow the lifestyle of big city, the cost of living will even become more expensive.

Tour Bus in Magenta
Tour Bus in Magenta

The expensive costs are not only for the houses or for big city life but they are also expensive for the food, transportation and other stuffs. On the other hand, when I see the living cost of the city where I live now and Italian big city like Milan, it is clear that the cost of living is more affordable in the suburb, just like in Indonesia.

For me, I honestly still miss big city life as I had been used to it for the most of my life. Nevertheless, in Italy, it is not bad at all to skip living in the big city, as it is calmer than Milan with less pollution and less cost.

In addition, the people are friendly and to reach Milan is always easy by an hour train or bus that passes every 15 to 30 minutes. I know it is still two-hour journey for going and returning. However, it still feels better as there is no traffic jam (especially with trains and subway).

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