Fresh Watermelon to Complete Summer…

During summer, one of the best things to enjoy is to eat fresh tropical fruits available. One of the tastiest and healthiest choices would be watermelon, which is full of water (more than 90% of its composition) and extremely fresh to bite and chew in our mouth. Especially, fresh watermelon that just goes out of the refrigerator will be perfect to consume during hot weather.


However, other than being the perfect refreshment for summer, do you know that watermelon is also one of the healthy fruits / healthy food to which you can rely your health on?

This tropical fruit is not only the perfect summer fruit but also the perfect healthy fruit for maintaining your body stamina during hot summer days as it contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

For the vitamins, watermelon provides our health with great source of vitamin A, B and C that are necessary to maintain a healthy body and strong stamina.

With the addition of its antioxidants, watermelon is beneficial not only for the body stamina but for the health of hair and skin as well.

The antioxidants contained in watermelon also provide our body with anti-inflammatory health benefits. Antioxidants in watermelon consist of some important ones such as flavonoids and carotenoids. The carotenoids lycopene is the one that protects our body from the harms of inflammation and free radicals.

It is also mentioned that watermelon is actually better than raw tomatoes as it contains more lycopene. The lycopene functions as a very powerful antioxidant that in addition to protect body from inflammation, it is also effective to protect the immune system of our body. Moreover, just like most healthy food providing antioxidants, watermelon also contributes as the fruit that helps combating cancer diseases with its antioxidants composition.

Consuming watermelon as either fruit or juice will also help to recover sore muscles and heal wounds faster. In addition, of course, as I mentioned earlier, during summer it will refresh our body as the fruit contains mostly water in its composition, making it effective as consumption that helps preventing dehydration.

In Italy, buying watermelon during summer is affordable as it is cheap. A kilogram of watermelon at the Italian supermarkets in July and August costs only around €1, making this fruit perfect in terms of taste, health benefits and cost. So, what do you think? Is this your fruit too in summer?

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