Participating in Letters for “Sis” or “Bro”

Few months ago, I was given an opportunity by a non-profit organization named Youth’s Act for Indonesia to participate in the initiative named Surat untuk Adik or Letters for “Bro” / “Sis”. The idea was to communicate and become pen pal with younger kids in rural areas in Indonesia to share and exchange stories and experiences to give inspiration for the younger generation in Indonesia. The tagline and mission is “Act to Inspire”.

I was honestly both amazed and happily surprised to be included in such good initiative. I remember I was a bit “bad” as I wrote my letter the last minutes before the deadline arrived (the deadline when the organization had to send the letters). However, they were very nice as they still accepted my letter and they sent it to the selected kids. Each person sends a letter to different kid.

My letter arrived :)
My letter arrived 🙂

Moreover, just a couple of weeks ago, I received a very sweet reply from a little sister who was happy to exchange stories with me. She received my pic, read my story and wrote back. Now, it is time to write back to her. I hope that she would be glad to keep exchanging stories with me and I could be nice a “big sister” with whom she can share her stories and life. As most people know, sharing means caring. And to me, making differences can always be started with smaller steps.

If you are interested in knowing more about Youth’s Act for Indonesia, you can have a look at their website and pages on these addresses:

So before I close, I’d like to say thanks to Youth’s Act for Indonesia for giving me the opportunity in the initiative “Act to Inspire”. Keep going on with your mission as you guys are doing great stuffs. And certainly, I’m happy that I’m a part of it.

sweet reply from a sweet kid

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