Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts

Commonly eaten in Asia, bean sprouts are the vegetables that I ate the most when I still lived in Indonesia. I remember I could even eat the whole plate of bean sprouts cooked with salt, corn oil and garlic without adding carbs, mostly only with tofu or mushrooms.

However, do you know how healthy this Asian food is? Let me assure you that undoubtedly, bean sprouts are healthy food or healthy vegetable that you should start adding to your diet from now on. Here are some of the reasons.

Bought in Italy

Great Fiber Source plus Vitamin C

Made by sprouting beans, this healthy vegetable provides you the right amount of fiber and vitamin C that you need to help smooth digestion system and maintain body stamina.

In addition, by providing great source of fiber, it also makes sure that people in diet get useful help as fiber contributes a lot to weight reduction program.

Very Low in Calorie but High in Protein

Every person having diet could expect this from eating bean sprouts.

Consuming this healthy food will ensure you to achieve your diet goal, as they do not have high calorie content.

Regarding the protein, bean sprouts provide you great quality one as when the beans are sprouted and soaked, the protein quality improves.

Beautiful Skin

Bean sprouts are known for providing great source of vitamin E that is very necessary in maintaining healthy skin and its beauty.

Consuming bean sprouts will help you to have nice skin as vitamin E also provides antioxidants needed to protect healthy skin so that it can stay young and fresh.

P.S. in addition, we also know that antioxidants are great cancer prevention, which adds more value to bean sprouts.

Awesome for Fertility

People in family usually want this health benefit. Consuming bean sprouts helps to improve the fertility for people who want to have kids.

Some told me that it improves the fertility for men. However, some told me that it improves the fertility of women as well. Therefore, in the end, I think it is a great fertility booster anyway for both sides.

Finally yet Importantly, They Are Cheap! 😀

This healthy food does not “dry” your wallet. In Indonesia, a big bag of bean sprouts of 500 grams only costs around € 0.50 while in Italy, they cost a bit more but still cheap at only € 1.

Nevertheless, remember always when you want to prepare bean sprouts, always prepare them raw with some healthy oil (corn or olive oil) after washing them before. On the other hand, if you want to cook them as I do, lightly cook them only, and never overcook.

Sometimes, I love to cook them with tofu. However, when I do not have tofu supply at home, I cook them with Shiitake mushrooms, as they are great healthy food as well.

So what about you guys, are bean sprouts your favorite vegetable too?

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