Trips That I Would Love to Do in the Future

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I have been writing about the trips and travel places that I have done so far. However, there are certain places that I am definitely dying to see in my life eventually. They may not be the most beautiful places for holiday and traveling. They may not be exotic and spectacular nature places or historical places to visit.

Nevertheless, they indeed have their own history for people loving them as their fans. Now, I will tell you three places that I really want to visit at least once in my life.

Beatles Museum (Liverpool)

Beatles museum named Beatles Story in Liverpool is one of the visits that I would love to make when I have the first opportunity. There, I can surely witness the journey and history of the music legends and geniuses which albums have sold the most in music history. Beatles’ songs are the only songs I may never get bored to hear repeatedly.

In this museum, fans will be able to enjoy the story and moments of the life of the four legends (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr). The museum is open every single day from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. the earliest to 7 p.m. the latest with exceptions of Christmas day and the day after. For further info, visit

Roger Federer’s matches (Anywhere!)

Maybe I started to like tennis only since someone showed me Roger Federer’s match on TV in 2009. However, since then, I have been watching all the tennis matches that I can if I am at home and not busy. Roger Federer is certainly the player that I enjoy watching the most and he remains my favorite no matter he is no longer no 1 (Geez, even if he is no 10 or outside no 10, I would still admire him).

Roger Federer at Wimbledon
Roger Federer at Wimbledon (image is taken from

Watching Roger Federer playing on court will be one of the best dreams I could ever realize, hoping it would be a final match and he ends up holding the winner’s trophy. The perfect match that I want to see would be him playing in Wimbledon, as it is the most prestigious tournament of tennis.

For fellow Roger Federer’s fans, you can always check his schedule at his website on

Harry Potter’s Museum and Exhibition (London and Paris)

Many people may consider Harry Potter only as children books. Maybe yes, or maybe not. No matter what, the Harry Potter Series are the books that I never get bored of reading, as much as listening to Beatles and watching Roger Federer in tennis matches.

Harry Potter Studio (Warner Bros)
Harry Potter Studio (Warner Bros) – (image is taken from Warner Bros website)

These books are the stories with which I passed my adolescence and young adulthood. No matter I have read the books several times, I still want to read them again. Therefore, my other dream visit would be visiting its museum (Warner Bros Studio) and exhibition in London and Paris that display the making and complete story of Harry Potter.

For further information, you can check and

These are my dream holiday and travel places to come to. Everyone has his or her own dream holiday. I am sure when we realize what we want to see in our life as fans, that would be one of the greatest satisfactions to achieve.

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