Bali for Your Summer Holiday, Why Not?

Previously I wrote about Bali, the island of Gods or Pulau Dewata in Indonesian language. It is always the perfect place to visit in Asia for you who adore sunbathing and beach holiday. The sunset in each beach is romantic and beautiful while the sunrise is simply energizing to start every new day.

Sunset in Bali
Sunset in Bali

Especially in August, in more four-season countries, there is the period of summer (in Indonesia it is always summer!) and the holiday season included, Bali will be the right place to come for your summer. Well, if I could, I would return there as soon as there is a chance. No matter being Indonesian, I have been there only once in my life so far. I was there for ten days and I feel that the time was far from enough.

When I was there, the heat was not as much as I expected. Some people there told me that whenever it is July or August, there is always fresh wind in Bali. It is because the neighboring country and continent (Australia) is in winter period. I wonder if that helps the weather in Bali to become not too hot, which was perfect for me.

If you come to Bali, you will see that Kuta is the most crowded beach and area. Due to this fact, unfortunately the beach becomes unclean. Of course, I saw that during my visit 5 years ago so maybe it has changed now, as there have been discussions that it is time to act for the future of Bali.

Legian Beach (Near Kuta)
Legian Beach (Near Kuta)

                Nevertheless, there are certainly many beaches to visit apart from Kuta. For example, you can visit Nusa Dua for its white sands. On the other hand, if you want to see beautiful sunrise accompanied with seeing cute dolphins, you have to wake up early in the morning to see both at Lovina. For the seafood lovers, there are many delicious seafood restaurants in Jimbaran that offer fresh fish in their dishes menu for you to try.

at Jimbaran
at Jimbaran


However, if you want to have additional experience that is not all about beaches, you can always come to Ubud. There, you can enjoy many green areas, rice paddies, cultural places such as museums and many traditional buildings with Balinese designs.

                In addition, as I once said, Bali has Hinduism as the main religion of most people there. This contributes the fact that there are many beautiful temples for the believers to pray. The Balinese allow the temples for public visit. Famous temples that I know include Uluwatu, Tanah Lot or Besakih. However, surely I have not known all the temples yet as there are so many others that I have not mentioned.

Moreover, these are the reasons why Bali is a very rich place for your summer holiday to consider. Not only it has so many exotic and fantastic beaches, it also has very deep culture and amazing temples. Once you are there, you will never regret and forget your journey. It is Made in Indonesia” with satisfaction guaranteed.

Blue Sky in Bali
Clear Blue Sky in Bali

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