Wondering about White Tea? Here Are Some Facts about It

People may rarely hear about white tea, a type of tea not processed too much and processed with minimum steps without fermentation and others. No matter people do not really know this type of tea; it has the wonderful benefits just as the other types of tea.

When I heard about white tea for the first time, I remember it was during my holiday and family visit in Singapore. In the China Town, there is a teashop visited the most by Singaporeans and even tourists. During my stop at this teashop, the owner of the shop explained to my mother and me about all benefits of magical white tea.

White Tea leaves

First, just like the others, white tea provides the consumers huge source of antioxidants. Even better, it is recognized as the powerful and better source of antioxidants as it is not processed so much with even less processes than green tea.

Its process only involves drying and usually, white tea comes from very young leaves. Moreover, as we all know, great antioxidants protect us from free radicals and give nutrients to our body and skin to maintain the health.

In addition to better antioxidants source, as the other types of tea, it is also effective to prevent different types of cancer, including the stomach cancer as its flavonoids help to prevent the cancer cells from growing.

Regarding the health of our heart and cholesterol, white tea helps to protect our heart by ensuring good circulatory system. With good circulatory, it protects also the health of blood vessels to prevent high blood pressure and the risk of stroke. In addition, it reduces the bad cholesterol while maintaining the good ones that are useful for our health.

White tea is also believed to protect our bones and teeth. By drinking it regularly, we can avoid suffering from osteoporosis. For our teeth, it provides the right amounts of nutrients and fluoride to prevent bacteria from causing mouth diseases like plague, decay and bad breath.

Talking about bacteria, not only for the bacteria inside the mouth, it is also effective antibacterial and antiviral  healthy drink for our body stamina to prevent cold and flu. Moreover, for the taste, it does not taste as bitter as green tea (in my opinion). I know some people do not like bitter tea though I personally do not mind with bitter ones. However, they mentioned for people who are having diet to reduce weight, green tea works best if compared to the white tea.

Nevertheless, it is always good to rotate the types of tea that we drink. Consuming the same tea for too long period is not the best choice. The best choice would be to rotate it regularly between green tea, black tea (Pu-Erh) and white tea as each type has its own specialty and uniqueness.

Talking about which, for the moment, I am consuming the white tea. What about you guys?


  1. Cool post…most people are unfamiliar with this type of tea.

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    1. Thank you! Actually I also just heard about it only around 5 years ago in 2010 when I visited teashop in Singapore. There I was amazed by their explanation about this tea. felt necessary to spread the words 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

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