Having Mutual Relationship with Our Dogs

Whether you believe it or not, having a dog changes everything in life. At least that is what has happened to me the last two years of my life. When I decided to have my YorkieTerrier BEI, I knew that my life would change almost completely, though in the good way of course.

at Lake Como
at Lake Como

For example, dog owners as I am will find it normal to have a creature that always waits for us at home every single day faithfully. Then, we also find it sweetly nice that there are always our dogs who celebrate our return from either work, study or anything as the best thing that could happen to their lives.

            Once dogs’ love and loyalty are given, these will never vanish until the end of the dogs’ lives, no matter maybe sometimes we unintentionally hurt their feelings. You know, dogs do have feelings. That is why they have the nickname “human’s best friend”.

Dogs know when their human parents are sad, ill or unfortunate in life. When they feel that we are not at the great situation of life, they will keep trying to make us feel better with their loving and caring behaviors plus being at our side all the time.

Whenever I feel sad or ill, my BEI always knows it and yes, he always comes to me faster than ever just to lick my face and eyes to wash away the tears (when I shed tears). Often I feel bad when I read that there are just people who could abandon their dogs at shelters or even worse, on the streets to die just for silly reasons like no more space, boredom, newborn baby arrival, getting old dogs etc.

To me, this is very unacceptable! I am sorry but people should never abandon their dogs unless there are very critical conditions such as when they are very sick and can no longer take care of their dogs. Or maybe, when they have financial difficulties and the dogs could live better life with other people. And of course, never leave the dogs on the streets to die, that is too cruel! They are not objects but living creatures with whom we could have deeply bonding relations.

In their short life around 10-20 years, they just ask for some happiness and protection from us, the humans to whom they trust their lives. Moreover, I believe, it is fully our responsibility once we decide to invite them to live with us.

Other “Least” Thing We Could Do for Our Dogs…

Happy Time

Now that summer has arrived and many people already think about summer holiday, it is always good to think about our dogs when we decide about where to go. For example, as I count my Yorkie Terrier as a part of the family and my fur baby, my holiday would never be complete without him.

I know some people may prefer to leave their dogs at dog sitters when they go on summer holiday. However, this is never an option for me. I always think that when I am happy on summer vacation; my dog should be a part of the story as well. Except, when I have to return to my country, I can never bring my dog there for vacation and I have to leave him in Italy with the family I have here for a couple of weeks.

Back to the story, this is why I always think about dog friendly holiday whenever I plan summer vacation. We have visited two dog friendly cities in Europe that were not too hot in August the last two years for summer and we will keep doing so this year. (Stay tuned for updates) 🙂

            Moreover, remember fellow dog owners, when we are thinking about bringing our dogs to summer trips or holiday, keep in mind that the weather and temperature are sunny and hot. That is why; never forget to bring water and their drinking bowl for our dogs to drink while walking outside with us on the trip.

There have been cases when dogs walk too much under hot sun during summer or the owners forget to bring water and bowl for their drink or “force” them to walk too much, the dogs could collapse and have bad breathing problem. This issue could even get worse when it is not taken care fast. Dogs surely love to walk outside with their humans. However, keep in mind that too hot weather is not good for them and can be dangerous for their health.

Have a great summer everyone from me and BEI 🙂

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