Wandering at Universal Expo 2015

Finally I had the opportunity last Friday to witness the history that Milan is making this year, hosting the universal exposition which participants come from countries around the globe plus international organizations like the United Nations and European Union. The theme brought to the event is the global issue that we are facing now and later, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life”.

Indonesian Pavilion
Indonesian Pavilion

Last Friday on June 19, 2015, my visit to Expo 2015 started with attendance to sustainability conference held and organized by Sodalitas. The conference brought the topic about growth that must develop with sustainable development, inclusive society and smart city involved. I will talk more about the conference at different post.

After the conference finished, I had the chance to discover the excellence of countries’ pavilions at Expo 2015 site. Unfortunately, my disappointment came from the pavilion of Japan that closes too soon as the last entrance is only until 7.30 p.m. the latest, which is 3 hours earlier than the statement that Expo 2015 will last until 10.30 pm at least daily. The entrance was already closed at 7.45 p.m.

Surely every pavilion has their own policy about the opening and closing of their area. However, I still consider that it would be better for all pavilions to follow the official opening and closing hours of Expo 2015 so that all the visitors (morning, afternoon and evening visitors) can get the complete satisfaction from the entire countries. Especially, people who work may only come at the evening session from 7 p.m and the evening ticket also costs a lot less than the regular day ones.

Nevertheless, this was only little disappointment during my first visit at Expo 2015 as there were still many others that I saw and many others that I discovered from this prestigious and significant event that happens only every five years. Now here are some other pics below.

Azerbaijan Pavilion
Azerbaijan Pavilion
Germany - There was a band singing and performing
Germany – There was a band singing and performing

After having visited, I know that it was not completely true that the cuisines sold there are always expensive. There are always affordable places where people can sit and dine normally with normal prices. Some pavilions even give free stuffs for people to taste.

For example, when I was there, the Colombian Pavilion was giving away their coffee to try and start the day fresh at the morning. In the evening, the Qatar Pavilion was doing a cooking show and they gave away tasty muffin made of Date palm. On the other hands, many pavilions’ restaurants also often charge their authentic and original cuisines at all inclusive package with good prices. It will all depend on our choices about where to go and what to taste.

Poland Pavilion
Poland Pavilion

Not only all about food, there are also many events regarding the issue on how to deal with sustainability or sustainable development as the one I attended on that day. Additionally, cultural diversity from around the world can also be seen at the site for us to understand the beauty of differences.

It was honestly my very first visit to Expo 2015 no matter it was already started from May 1, 2015. However, I am pretty sure it would not be my last 🙂

Colorful Ecuador
Colorful Ecuador


Qatar Pavilion

What about you? Will you come as well 😉 ?

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