More Experiences on Italian Food, Especially as One of Pasta Lovers

I have always been a pasta lover. I remember when I was still living in Indonesia; I used to choose pasta dishes among all the menu everytime I went to Italian restaurants or restaurants that serve Italian food.

Pizza Mare Monti
Pizza Mare Monti at Ristorante Stop

Now that I have a favorite place in Milan to go for dinner, I am always willing to try different dishes that they offer in their menu. As I mentioned in the previous article, the place (restaurant) is called Ristorante Stop.

However, no matter they have English name for their place, they are actually pure Italian restaurant that serves various Italian food. The owner comes from Calabria, a region in the South of Italy.

Moreover, I should tell you actually, from all of my experiences meeting Italians from Calabria, none of them makes me have any negative impression about them. To be honest, whenever there is Artigiano di Fiera (Handmade Products Exhibition) at Rho Fiera Milano, the stands of Calabria have always been my favorite.

Back to the restaurant, from their entire menu, so far, I have tried five dishes among which, four were pasta dishes. I remember I came there the first time for the New Year’s Eve dinner in the end of 2013. At that time, my first meal there was seafood pizza called Mare Monti. Regarding this first experience, I have to say the pizza was enormous, tasty and satisfying.

Nevertheless, since then I have changed my focus to their pasta as they have the special list for pasta fresca or fresh pasta. Until now, I have tried four of their pasta fresca, including:

Or maybe you prefer
1. Tagliolini con Salmone e Caviale (Tagliolini with Salmon and Caviar)


2. Spaghetti con polpa di granchio (Spaghetti with Crab)
Pappardelle con Gamberi (Pappardelle with Prawns)
3. Pappardelle con Gamberi (Pappardelle with Prawns)
Tortellini con Panna e Prosciutto (Tortellini with Cream and Ham)
4. Tortellini con Panna e Prosciutto (Tortellini with Cream and Ham)

From all the four pasta dishes that I tried, my most favorite was the first with salmon and caviar. This statement does not mean that the others are bad. Nope, as they are all tasty and delicious. I am planning to try all of their pasta fresca (fresh pasta) dishes, as these were only half of the pasta fresca listed in the menu.

In addition, as I mentioned in the other article, the restaurant feels more special to me as they provide amazing Calabrian chili sauce for spicy food lovers. The taste is perfectly delicious and spicy at the same time.

Special homemade Chilli Sauce
Special homemade Chilli Sauce

Not stopping there, the last time I came, I asked them if they were selling the chili sauce and if I could buy some. Unfortunately, they responded that they did not and it is only complementary for spicy food lovers who eat in the restaurant.

However, you know what, surprisingly; they said they could give me some if I really love their chili sauce. Surely, I could not reject it. This just grew more of my “love” for the restaurant. To close my story, it added more feeling about the friendliness of Italian people from Calabria.

At least from all of my experiences, whenever I met Italians from Calabria, all have been impressively nice. Though I can assure you, it is not only all about giving free chili sauce, as they are just naturally friendly in my opinion 🙂

And for now, see you again soon Stop Restaurant at the next opportunity

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