Varenna – Another Breathtaking Part of Lake Como

The last few days I notice I have not written anything. It is not because I am bored of writing blogs. However, it is simply because as one of my favorite sports to watch, tennis, has kept my attention away from writing. One of the grand slams is happening in Paris (French Open / Roland Garros) and it captures my attention from doing something else haha.

Now, I am back to tell my latest short trip in Lombardy Region. As I once mentioned, Lake Como to me remains as the best lake in Lombardy Region, Italy. I have not changed my mind as even better; it seems the long lake offers more than simply one part in the Municipality of Como itself.

Just arrived at Varenna...
Just arrived at Varenna

They say the lake is always Como. However, there are so many parts of this amazing lake to visit; such as Lecco and Bellagio (the pearl of Lake Como). Just few days ago, after having heard from a friend, there was actually another part to discover, Varenna, which is located in The Province of Lecco. To reach the municipality of Varenna, I took a train from Milan. By fast regional train, it only takes an hour journey to arrive at this beautiful place.

The Lake View at Varenna
The Lake View at Varenna

I arrived there in the afternoon time. There, by walking only few minutes, I reached the main area of the lake, where I could enjoy the fresh air and stroll with BEI my Yorkie terrier. At the lake, there are many street vendors selling their unique handmade products and accessories to the visitors. What amazed me was that the prices were affordable.

BEI that's enjoying the lake
BEI that’s enjoying the lake

However, since my main aim that day was enjoying the view at Varenna, I kept myself focused to the lake. The weather was perfect as there was a sunny day for the visitors at the lake. Many foreign visitors from around the globe were there.

I noticed there were visitors from China, Ireland, United States, German, France, and maybe from other countries as well. Some I recognized from the languages they were speaking while some I knew by talking to them as they were also bringing their dogs to have a good walk.

Entering the old town part
Entering the old town part

Along the lake, there are numerous Italian restaurants and ice cream shops where visitors could stop by and enjoy Italian gelato or Italian food while seeing the breathtaking lake view. After I walked a bit more, I discovered the wonderful old town part where I could tell that it was exactly Italian city look.

BEI was having fun with his walk
BEI was having fun with his walk

The municipality of Varenna can be considered as old town since it was nominated as the village of fishermen in the 8th century. It actually has very small number of population, which is a bit less than 800 people in total. Nevertheless, the stunning view of the place as tourism area always attracts visitors’ attention and will to come and visit the place.

Sitting a bit to enjoy the lake
Sitting a bit to enjoy the lake

Well I guess I am one of the mentioned visitors. After having visited it one time, I really think it is a lovely destination to visit in Lombardy Region, Italy. Especially in Spring and Summer, visitors will not be able to reject the temptation to go to Varenna.

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