Enjoying Indonesian Food in Milan…

Lontong Sayur
Lontong Sayur

Being in Milan, often I wondered how I could have the chance to taste Indonesian food in this European city. It could be difficult as the only remaining choice is cooking the food on my own.

At least that was how I thought. However, no matter there is no authentic Indonesian restaurant yet in Milan, the opportunity to cure the homesickness always knocks the door.

One of the latest opportunities happened just last Sunday (May 24, 2015), when there was an event held by a group of Indonesian women in Milan. During the occasion, there were a lot of food cooked by real Indonesians available for the attendants to consume.

There, I successfully cured my longing for Indonesian food. In the event, I tasted some of the Indonesian food I missed, such as Lontong Sayur (sticky rice with vegetable broth) and Doger Ice (made of ice, coconut milk and fresh ingredients like avocado and some others). Even better, I brought home a portion of Indonesian Chicken Satay and a bag of crispy onion chips.

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay with homemade coconut rice

In addition to providing Indonesian food, the event aimed to strengthen the relationship between Indonesians that currently stay in Italy.

Not only for friendly purposes, there was also consular opportunity for Indonesians who needed certain official letters from Indonesian embassy or for them who needed to renew their passports as there were also the representatives from the Indonesian Embassy coming directly from Rome.

By this moment, I know that I have nothing to worry about curing homesickness of Indonesian food, as the opportunities will keep coming. The opportunities are always available, either by attending this kind of special event, by having some friends cooking for me (joking haha) or by cooking on my own (as my last resort).

But well you know, eating Italian food is always a great compensation too. Nevertheless,I will never refuse any opportunity to eat Indonesian food here in Italy whenever possible πŸ˜€


  1. saragoli says:

    Where is the best place to eat Indonesian food in Milan? Is there some good Malaysian or Thailand restaurant that’s a good substitute? Thanks Sarah

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    1. Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately, in Milan there is no Indonesian restaurant. There are only events from time to time when Indonesian community makes event for gathering and the women prepare the food themselves. The only Indonesian restaurant in Italy is in Genova, named Borobudur Restaurant. http://www.borobudur.it/

      Maybe when u come there you can visit and try their cuisines as they really have Indonesian chefs there. Hope you can enjoy it πŸ™‚

      Additionally, Thai cuisines are different to ours. Maybe Malaysian is more similar but they are still not the same.



      1. saragoli says:

        Thanks Dewi. My dad is Indonesian and was visiting so I thought it would be nice if we could go to a restaurant. He likes Italian food, but like me, after a while we miss our rice and spices!
        Genova is on my list of places to visit so I’ll definitely go check out Borobudur!


      2. Ah you’re half Indonesian. I understand. In here, I usually miss spicy chili and spices too. Yes I think you should really try Borobudur. Unfortunately there is only one in Italy. U can find a lot more in Netherlands and Germany. But in Italy, there are only many Chinese and Japanese restaurants unfortunately. So, many Indonesians who live here mostly cook by themselves in case they miss Indonesian food. Good thing is there are some Asian stores selling spices and Asian food in Milan.


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