Singapore Chinese and Japanese Garden – Far from the Center but Worth to Visit

This tourist attraction I’m about to tell you now is another proof that Singapore is not only all malls and modern skyscraper buildings. Instead, people of Singapore do take care about the beautiful nature in their country.

The view of Chinese and Japanese Garden from the top of a temple
The view of Chinese and Japanese Garden from the top of a temple

Earlier I wrote about Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Now, let me tell you about another wonderful attraction in Singapore; Chinese and Japanese Garden.

Chinese Garden
Chinese Garden

The beautiful gardens are located at almost the end of the green line of Singapore subway and it has its own stop named Chinese Garden. It is surely a bit far from the center of Singapore.

However, when you arrive at the place, all the tired feeling will be compensated nicely as the place is not merely some ordinary gardens. The concept of the attraction includes three types.

Chinese Garden


As its name, the concept of the Chinese Garden is based on the Chinese gardening art. Inside, you are able to see a beautifully designed garden with gorgeous Chinese temples that you can get in and go to the top to see the stunning view.

Not only temples, in the Chinese Garden, there are also some fabulous buildings with Chinese design. What is better, beautiful pond surrounds some parts of the garden. The pond is recognized as fishpond or fish paradise.

Bridge in Chinese Garden
Bridge in Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden was designed around thirty years ago in 1975 and the idea displays exciting design of Chinese gardening culture.

Japanese Garden

From the Chinese Garden, visitors may cross a white bridge to enter the other one known as Japanese Garden. Moreover, just as the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden shows its amazing garden design to its visitors.

Japanese Garden also has own concept and idea for its design, which is to bring calm state and inner peace. When you enter the garden, indeed you will get meditative feeling and comfort for being in the garden.

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden was constructed a year earlier than Chinese Garden, in 1974. Inside the Japanese Garden, you may find many traditional bridges, ponds, houses and cute lanterns.

Turtles Museum

The tourist attraction does not include only gardens. It also has the living creature’s area (for turtles and tortoises), The Turtles Museum.


Even if it is a museum, it has all kinds of living turtles and tortoises inside, from herbivores to carnivores and from small ones to big ones. Most of them are free, except for the carnivores.

In addition, among all the turtles and tortoises, one very big turtle has age more than 80 years old. They call this turtle as the fortune turtle and it has its own pond separated from the others.

The Fortune Turtle
The Fortune Turtle

Many people throw coins into its pond and make a wish. They believe that any wish might come true with sincere prayers and respect to the fortune turtle.

The place is amazing, isn’t it? The ideas and concepts of the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden and Turtle Museum are admirable and adorable. In my opinion, they must definitely be on your list if you plan to visit Singapore.

Inside Turtle Museum
Inside Turtles Museum

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