Lake Iseo – A Lovely “Spot” in Lombardy for Afternoon Relaxation

I have always thought that lakes are definitely magical places to be for refreshing the mind. Especially that now the sunny days are staying for the next few months, lakes are some of the top destinations to visit when the sun is smiling.

Lake Iseo on a Sunny Day
Lake Iseo on a Sunny Day

My journey this time took me to a beautiful lake named Iseo in the Province of Brescia in Lombardy, which is around an hour and a half train from Milan. Brescia itself has always been a top destination in Lombardy as it offers so much in both history and nature.

Lake Iseo
Lake Iseo

My visit started in the afternoon and I arrived there with my yorkie terrier as I thought he also needed to take fresh air sometimes. When I arrived, the gorgeous view of Lake Iseo gave me “warm welcome”. The blue sky and sunlight on that day absolutely showed the perfect feeling of spring transition to summer.

I began my walk and saw many foreign visitors were also there to stroll along the lakeside. Not only foreign visitors, many Italians were there to have a great afternoon walk, some with their families and some others are just like me, with their dogs.

Along the lake, there are many benches available where people can easily sit down when they want to stop a while to enjoy the lake view or just to rest a bit. Some people like me enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful lake to capture the relaxing moment.


Not only people and dogs, there are also elegant swans that beautifully swam on the lakes. On the other part of the lake, there are ducks who walk and quack happily with their flock along the lake.

Unfortunately, during this first visit, I did not take the chance to go on a boat sailing to a near island named Monte Isola, which is another stunning part of Lake Iseo. I hope one day when I return to Lake Iseo, I might visit the special island where people can go up, as it is around 600 meters above the sea level.


Even if I have not visited Monte Isola, I still consider that it was a beautiful day. It felt even nicer as it was my first visit. Yeah I know, during almost four years in Italy, this was the first time I visited Lake Iseo.

However, I am sure that it would not be the last visit…


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