Singapore Botanic Gardens Vs Gardens by the Bay

Last time I wrote about some of my favorite gardens and parks located in the countries that I’ve visited so far. Now let me talk about these two beautiful gardens in Singapore that are completely amazing tourist attractions as well; Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Now let’s start with the one that was established and founded first.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Flowers in the botanic gardens
Flowers in the botanic gardens

Inaugurated earlier than Gardens by the Bay, the botanic gardens include a 74 hectare area in Singapore. As I once mentioned, it’s one of the rare gardens that are open for public without any entrance fee to almost all of the attractions, except the entrance to its Orchid Garden.

And if I have to talk about the opening hours, this is one of the rare places worldwide (for gardens) that is ready for public daily from 5 a.m in the morning to 12 midnight without any break throughout the year.

According to my first impression, the concept of Singapore Botanic Gardens also include the area of similar to “forest” with a lot of diverse wild plants, trees and flowers. And, it seems to be a more opened natural area perfect for the wild nature lovers based on the environment observation.

Singapore Botanic Garden2

The attractions inside the botanic gardens include various sectors, such as the Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Ginger Garden, Botany Center and Tanglin Gate, Jacob Ballas Garden for Children, Palm Valley, Bandstand area, Sun Garden and Sundial Garden.

Not only gardens, the Singapore Botanic Gardens also have three beautiful and natural lakes inside the area, including Symphony Lake, Swan Lake and Eco Lake. This is why I said that the Singapore Botanic Gardens are perfect for nature lovers who want to stay in open area and enjoy the beauty that nature offers.

Gardens by the Bay
This spectacular new attraction was founded in 2012 (I was lucky to be one of its first visitors in 2012) and has also huge area, around 101 hectare in total. To enter this amazing tourist attraction, admission fee is needed for some places while some others allow free entrance.

The admission fees range from $12 (Singaporean dollar) the cheapest to $28 the highest. The opening hours of the place are also varied from one sector to another, from 5 a.m. the earliest to 2 a.m the latest.

bay 2

Gardens by the Bay are also perfect for nature lovers as some of the attractions are located in open air area, such as Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes and Heritage Garden. However, they also have the closed area among their attractions.

The closed area to me seems to be like either a giant glasshouse with amazing indoor gardens or fantastically designed building or pavilion. They include Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Sun Pavilion and World of Plants. In addition, they also have fabulously designed areas like the Supertree Groove and OCBC Skyway.

Not to worry, for families with kids, just like Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay also provide the kids a special area named Far East Children’s Garden.

For me, these two are great tourist attractions to visit in Singapore. For those who prefer wilder and natural environment, they can go to Singapore Botanic Gardens. But, if they love crazily awesome designed area, Gardens by the Bay will be nice to visit.


Or, they can visit both of the attractions as I did to get full satisfaction 😀

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