An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away?

We keep hearing this phrase over and over again. In this case, the phrase simply expresses how healthy the apples are. By eating an apple daily, we’re guaranteed to receive a lot of health benefits that will reduce the possibility of us getting ill or going to doctor to cure diseases. Apples are included in the list of top healthy food to consume. But, how healthy are actually the apples?

Ginger Gold Apple I ate for Dinner :D
Ginger Gold Apple I ate for Dinner 😀

Lowering the Chance for Cancer Diseases

Apples are believed to reduce the chance for cancer growth. The cancer diseases that can be prevented by regularly eating apples include breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Prevention to Cardiovascular Diseases and Cholesterol Reduction

With apples, we can get sufficient amount of soluble fiber that can keep our heart healthy and prevent the chance for stroke. Soluble fiber also helps to lower bad cholesterol. This fruit is universally recognized with its miraculous health benefits.

Protection against Alzheimer and Parkinson

Regular consumption of apples also helps to protect our brain’s health. This fruit is effective in preventing the Alzheimer and Parkinson disease that ruin the brain.

Good for Diet and Diabetes Patients

With its good source of fiber, apples are absolutely helpful for people who want to do diet program. I remember someone I know once did her diet by reducing the food consumption and replacing the amount of food by eating more apples whenever she was hungry. And it indeed didn’t ruin her health but instead, it had successfully helped her to reduce body weight healthily.

In addition, apples are included in the group of fruits that help to reduce diabetes. Other fruits include grapes and blueberries.

Great for Both Eyes and Teeth

The list of apples’ health benefits go on. By eating apples regularly, we can also protect our eyes from disease like cataracts as the fruit contains a lot of antioxidants.

Additionally, apples protect our teeth and keep them healthy as when we chew apples, the saliva production increases and therefore, it prevents and protects the teeth from decaying and from bacteria as well.

Without any doubt, apples also contain various vitamins and minerals that can improve our immune system, such as vitamin A, B, C, E and even K plus minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc and some others.

If I have to be honest, actually I’m not really a big fan of apples as a fruit. It’s not that it isn’t tasty. It’s more to my preference. However, often in order to follow healthy lifestyle and consume healthy food, we have to adapt ourselves to what might not be our preference.

And at the present, eating apples regularly is something that I can never skip. Whenever I go out of the house, apple is one of the stuffs that will be inside my bag for snack whenever I feel hungry.

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