My Three Favorite Gardens and Parks? Here They Are…

I haven’t visited so many countries so far and there are still uncountable places to explore in my life. In the last few years, I’ve got the chances to visit Japan (Tokyo and a mountain area), Singapore, Italy (Lombardy Region’s cities, Biella and important Italian cities like Verona, Pisa, Florence & Rome), France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Brno) and Germany (Berlin).

Among these opportunities, I always had the will to visit the natural places of the areas, such as the parks and gardens available in the cities. During all my few experiences, there are some parks and gardens that I just can’t forget.

Botanic Gardens in Singapore

Singapore Botanic Garden2
Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is really one of the most “generous” gardens available for the public. Open for 19 hours daily from 5 a.m. in the morning to midnight every single day, the gardens offer the visitors the chance to observe and enjoy diverse plants, trees and flowers inside the place.

And in the huge gardens area, almost all are for free except the National Orchid Garden! If people come to Singapore, they will be satisfied by this place as it’s totally for nature and green area lovers.

Flowers in the botanic gardens
Flowers in the botanic gardens

In 2013, they said that the gardens were submitted as one of world heritage sites of UNESCO in 2012. However, the result hasn’t been seen until now.

Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany (Near Berlin)

Located in a city near to Berlin, the park is absolutely reachable with any connecting train from Berlin to Potsdam. The park and stupendous castles inside were once the summer palace of the King of Prussia. Now, They are protected and included in the world heritage sites list of UNESCO.

castle 2
Castle in Sanssouci Park

In addition, the gigantic park is opened for public to enter for free to enjoy a nice long walk. People should only purchase the tickets if they decide to explore the interior of the castles. Or, visitors can take their dogs for a walk there as dogs can enter the gardens and parks without problem.

Relaxing in Sanssouci Terrace Garden
Relaxing in Sanssouci Terrace Garden

Versailles Palace and Garden (Near Paris)

This is without doubt one of the most famous destinations of all time worldwide. People who visit Paris will never skip the opportunity to visit the luxurious palace of Versailles. No matter it was once the center of political power in France, now it has become a Must Visit” attraction for visitors from other countries.

Inside Versailles
Inside Versailles

After purchasing tickets, visitors will be able to get into the palace and see the amazing interior inside. While outside, visitors can enjoy the large garden area to take a nice walk or just to relax at the beautiful garden.

These are my three favorite gardens and parks so far. Definitely, I hope my journey would go on and I could have the opportunities to visit the other lovely parks and gardens in other places.

at Versailles Garden
at Versailles Garden


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