Elegant and Magnificent – 2 “Adjectives” to Describe Sforza Castle and Simplon Park

This Sfroza Castle is located in the heart of Milan, the metropolitan of Italy. Both with Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral), they become the two main attractions of the global city that is currently hosting Expo 2015. No matter earlier it was the residence of a noble family named Sforza Family, the castle nowadays with its large Simplon Park (Sempione) has been famous and visited by many people, Italian themselves and also foreign tourists.

In front of the Sforza Castle
In front of the Sforza Castle on a sunny day

The origin of Sforza Castle dated back in the 15th century when the Duke of Milan named Francesco Sforza, decided to build it and later made as his elegant residence. Later on, the castle was enlarged, making it one of the huge citadels in Europe.

The current Sforza Castle houses numerous civic museums including; Pinacoteca of Sforza Castle, Museum of ancient arts, Museum of musical instruments, Egyptian Museum, Archaeological Museum of Milan etc. Not only visiting the Sforza Castle, visitors can also spend their time taking a walk around the Sempione (Simplon) Park, which is always full of happy visitors, especially during Spring and Summer.

A lot of foreign visitors and Italians themselves usually stay in the park to enjoy the sunlight by doing sunbathing, to do picnic with friends, to do jogging and even of course, to take their dogs for a walk there as they can find special large area dedicated for the dogs to run free or play with other dogs.

Some other people will just stay there and enjoy taking pictures. Often, there are couples who also go there to capture the moments by taking pictures for their wedding as the background and surrounding environment look fabulous and perfect for special occasions.

Simplon (Sempione) Park, with Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) at the end
Simplon (Sempione) Park, with Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) at the end

At the end of the park, on the other side of the Sforza Castle, there is Arco della Pace or Arch of Peace or Triumphal Arch (in English) which origin came from the Roman walls in the past. In the present days, the Arch becomes the elegant gate and symbol of the most important park of Milan, Sempione (Simplon).

If people come there now as Spring is in the air and Summer is coming, they may see that both the castle and park are always full of visitors and as crowded as the area of Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) and its piazza every single day.

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