List of Food We Should Never Give to Our Dogs

For fellow dog lovers, it’s clear that the thing we always want to do the most is spoiling our fur babies. Often, we would even give whatever they want, like food. Yes, food! Our dogs have all their cuteness shown at maximum level in order to get what we’re eating at anytime, our table food.

My Yorkie Terrier BEI waiting for table food
My Yorkie Terrier BEI that was waiting for table food

However, if we want the highest possibility that our best friends could live longer and wouldn’t leave us soon, we may want to keep them healthy by giving them the right food or dog food they can eat. Giving table food that are often salty or sweet is not to be considered at all.

It’s true that their cute expressions may melt our heart and “force” us to make them happy by giving them what they want. But I can guarantee this would be the wrong way in spoiling our fur babies as we should give them only the healthy food for dogs.

So Which Food Do We Have to Avoid to Give?

According to the research and what my yorkier terrier’s vet told me here in Italy, there are some list of food or ingredients that we should definitely never include in our dogs’ food. They include:

  1. Grapes and raisins

  2. Fruits with pits or seeds

  3. Chocolates, coffee and other drinks with caffeine

  4. Salty and sweet food (OR, any food cooked with salt, spices or sugar)

  5. Oily food or fried food

  6. Garlic and onions

  7. Grains (the best option for dog food should be grain free)

  8. Alcohol (beer etc)

  9. Cat food

  10. Nuts

Actually this list could go on and on more than what I wrote above. I personally think that it could be safer to pick the right dog food with human food quality free from grains. There are honestly some dog food brands that I trust for my yorkie terrier BEI.

For example, now he’s tasting different flavors of dog food from Germany named Wolfsblut. Sometimes, I also rotate his dog food with the well-known brands from Canada, Acana and Orijen. However, of course it’s not as if we shouldn’t prepare or cook the food for our dogs  (As long as we can do it the right way, why not?)

The important issue here is not the dog food‘s brands or that it must be dog food. But, the real matter is that the food and its ingredients mustn’t be the ones that can be poisonus or dangerous for the health of our fur babies.

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