Eating Korean Food in Milan – A Global City Promoting Multiculturalism

No matter Milan is the big city of Italy, one of the “world leaders” in delicious and famous dishes; people might be surprised of how multicultural the city is, not only in the number of foreign nationals living in the city but also in the number of multicultural food in the city.

There are so many Chinese restaurants around, located even in the center of Milan to many corners of the city. Japanese food is also famous here and there are quite amount of Japanese restaurants serving delicious and healthy Japanese food around Milan.

Korean Dish with meat and lettuce
Korean Dish with meat and lettuce (Sorry, can’t remember the Korean name lol )

People can also find other types of foreign dishes in this big city; such as Mexican, Thai food and even Korean food. For the Korean food, finding the right place that has Korean Chef with good price could be tricky and not really easy (especially for someone like me who has no experience about Korean food).

Luckily, few days ago, My friends invited me to go to one of the Korean restaurants they sometimes go. It seems the restaurant is owned by Chinese people. But, the Chefs are Korean. And the prices offered there are really acceptable. People may spend only around more or less €20 per person to eat good Korean dishes.

For people who stay in Milan and maybe want to try korean food, the restaurant is called Kimchi, as in the name of the Korean food. The location is not really in the center of Milan. However, it’s near to the center of Paolo Sarpi (The China Town of Milan) and it can easily be reached by any tram going to the China Town or the green line subway by stopping at Moscova.

Kimchi Fried Rice and one Seafood Dish
Kimchi Fried Rice and one Seafood Dish

Surely diverse dishes are only a little part showing Milan multiculturalism in the city. There are so much more to see about diversity in this metropolitan of Italy.

And with the arrival of Expo 2015 in less than three days, starting from May 1, people may expect to witness the real diversity offered in the next universal exposition hosted by Milan and Italy itself as a country as there will be various countries and international organizations plus foreign visitors coming to see multicultural diversity in one place at the same time.

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