Curious about Dragon Fruit or Pitaya? Here Are Some Healthy Facts…

When I returned back to my hometown in Indonesia, I always ate the fruits that I can no longer consume in the place where I live currently. These fruits include mango, avocado, papaya and some other tropical fruits.

Among the tropical fruits, there is one special fruit that I also used to consume regularly when I still lived in Jakarta. Not only special, both of its shape and name are also unique, as it is called the dragon fruit, with other unique name called Pitaya.

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya
Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

According to its history, Dragon Fruit or Pitaya belongs to Mexico for the origin. However, this fruit is now widely famous in so many Asian countries, including Southeast Asia such as Indonesia for example.

The color of its peel is purplish red and the peel has form like dragon skin. I suspect this could be why it is called dragon fruit. The inside part (the fruit) has two color types, the purplish red one and the white one. No matter there are two color types, both of them have amazing effects for the health.

Talking about Healthy Facts of Dragon Fruit …

The list could be pretty long. First of many, this special fruit surely provides great source of something that many people search, antioxidants. This healthy fact is always interesting as antioxidants help us to prevent dangerous free radicals from harming our health, destroying our body cells and forming cancer. Additionally, of course as we know, antioxidants also help to protect and maintain the health of beautiful skin.

Moreover, dragon Fruit or Pitaya also provides great source of fiber and vitamin C, which are known to be very helpful in maintaining body stamina and giving sufficient energy to do daily activities. Both fiber and vitamin C are also recognized for its benefit to ensure smooth bowel movement and digestion on every single day.

Apart from these, by consuming the right amount of vitamin C, some diseases can also be cured; like cold, flu, stroke, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases etc. And as vitamin C also provides antioxidants, consuming it also helps to prevent skin aging and therefore, it helps to protect the beauty of our skin.

Back to dragon fruit or Pitaya, it also provides us other health benefits, including:

  • Blood sugar level and cholesterol level reduction.

  • Low in fat but high in protein.

  • Neutralizer of toxin inside the body.

  • Improvement for the eyesight and memory

  • Big help for people who want to do healthy diet.

Not stopping there, researchers say that dragon fruit or Pitaya can also help to heal wounds and increase appetite in eating, which I think is not the health benefit I’m looking for 😀

BUT, it will be absolutely good for kids who sometimes have difficulty to eat the right amount of healthy food as dragon fruit is great for both adults and kids. And to add, this Pitaya fruit is certainly sweet and delicious.

Well, after talking this much, I start having the will to consume Pitaya. Unfortunately, it’s not available here as far as I know (or maybe it could be sold in China Town area? I shall check later). Nevermind, I’ll just go to eat kiwi now. See you on my next post then! Ciao 🙂

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