Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Lombardy for Springtime

I once said that lakes are magical places to be as they bring peaceful feeling to the soul. And now, as Spring is officially in the air again; to me visiting lakes is always even more magical.

In Lombardy Region in Italy, I have several lakes that I’m always eager to visit, again and again no matter to some people, visiting the same places over and over could be boring.

Me with BEI at Lake Como (2013)
Me with BEI at Lake Como (Spring 2013)

Lake Como

Como is on the top of my list. Not only it’s near to Milan and easily reachable with an hour train that passes every thirty minutes, it also offers me quite various things to do there, from walking around and enjoying the view; going up to Brunate with the funicular; or even, continuing the journey to its famous “pearl”, Bellagio.

Beautiful Bellagio
Beautiful Bellagio (Summer 2014)

Lake Lecco

Located at the other side of Lake Como, it’s another “must visit” lake in Lombardy. Having smaller size than Lake Como doesn’t make the lake less beautiful. It’s always a great lake for me to walk around during Spring time (especially with my yorkie terrier BEI).

Lecco (Winter - Jan 2012)
Lecco (Winter – Jan 2012)

Sirmione (The Pearl of Lake Garda)

It’s also a very popular tourist site in Lombardy. Lake Garda has a very huge size and with another 15 minutes bus ride, I can go to its pearl, Sirmione, which is also a superb historical site protected by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites.

at Sirmione (Spring 2012)
at Sirmione (Spring 2012)

These lakes are my list of top five beautiful lakes to visit in Lombardy Region; Como, Bellagio, Lecco, Garda and Sirmione. However, of course the beautiful lakes in this region aren’t only these five that I just mentioned.

In addition, there are also Lake Varese, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore or Verbano that I still have to visit soon. I’m absolutely sure they are also as gorgeous as these five on my list.

So everyone, what about your Springtime favourite to visit? 🙂

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