Fresh Lemon for Your Healthy Lifestyle

As the warm weather is coming like Spring and Summer (later), having fresh fruit for drink is the best feeling you can give to your body and throat. As an example, we can consume fresh lemon. It’s one of the fruits that not only make you  feel fresh but also make you stay healthy.

Usually, lemon is used as the common tea flavor that many people consume worldwide as they love it. Not only being consumed in tea, many others would make lemon water or lemon juice to feel the fresh feeling it could give after they drink it.

Fresh lemons from the market
Fresh lemons from the market

Consuming lemon, either as fruit itself or drink, will help you to maintain your health. How is it possible? It’s because lemon contains so many nutritional values and gives you health benefits that you surely wouldn’t refuse, including:

  1. Providing great source of both vitamin A and C
  2. Helping for your bowel movement and digestion
  3. Killing intestinal worm and providing anti-bacteria
  4. Strengthening your blood vessels and curing high blood pressure
  5. Boosting your body stamina
  6. Helping you if you’re having a diet to keep good weight
  7. Preventing some cancers (according to research)
  8. Providing great source of antioxidants
  9. Refreshing your energy for your daily activities (based on personal experience)
  10. Maintaining your beauty and balancing your body’s pH

However, no matter it feels fresher to consume it as cold lemon juice or water, it is highly suggested to have lemon consumed as warm lemon water to provide better health benefits. Not only the fruit itself, lemon peels have also been known to be a big health contributor as they provide a lot of minerals and fibers to those who are able to consume the peels in the right way (as my mom does 😀 ).

In addition, lemon squeeze is also good to add on many dishes (especially on the dishes that use a lot of oil like fried ones) as it can help to neutralize the excessive oil contained in the dishes.

So now, what’s your preference in consuming the healthy lemon?

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