Having A Relaxing Walk at Parco di Monza

On Pasquetta, I decided to have a good walk with my yorkie terrier at one beautiful and huge park in the city of Monza, which is around 10 to 15 minutes train from Milan. It’s known as Parco di Monza in its Italian name and it has large green area where people could enjoy relaxing walk, doing picnic and even having fun with their dogs on beautiful sunny days, as I did with my yorkshire terrier BEI.

BEI having fun on the grass
BEI having fun on the grass

On Pasquetta day, I found there were so many people coming there just to spend the day at the park on beautiful day, to do picnic with family and friends, to ride bicycle and I also found so many dog owners like me going there just to have fun and make their dogs have a fun time on the grass.

BEI looking here and there searching friends...
BEI happily looking here and there searching friends…

Not only the beautiful green park, Parco di Monza also has beautiful pond where there are turtles who live in the pond as you can see below. I personally always adore turtles. To me they are cute and magical creatures (animals) that can even live longer than us, humans.

Turtles who sunbath on sunny day
Turtles who sunbath on sunny day

Parco di Monza is also famous as the site for doing car race inside the park, e.g. the Formula 1. Inside, they have the area for this sport named Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.  Parco di Monza is widely known as the fourth biggest park in Europe.

Trying to go as far as he could :)
Trying to go as far as he could 🙂

Pasquetta  in 2015 was my second time at Parco di Monza. The first time I went there was exactly on Easter in 2012 during my first year in Italy. However, of course at the first time, I didn’t have BEI yet, so as one of dog lovers, the second felt better 😀

at Parco di Monza
at Parco di Monza

And you? Do you also love spending beautiful day on beautiful park (maybe with your beautiful dogs)?

To answer first, I surely love it!


  1. HandyMilan says:

    Hi Dewi,
    lovely post! Monza is beautiful! …and just few minutes from Milan!
    Keep spreading the word! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂


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