Celebrating Easter in Italy

Easter is important holiday in Italy especially for the Christians. On this day, it’s believed that Jesus Christ had resurrected from his death after his crucifixion, which had happened on the third day.

In Italy itself, where most people are naturally born as Christian Catholics from the beginning, Easter is nationally celebrated as holiday and time to spend with families and friends, like Christmas.

Easter in Italy is celebrated on Resurrection Sunday and also the Monday after, which is also recognized as Pasquetta or Lunedì del Angelo. These two days are two important religious Easter holidays in Italy where also people have their day off from work.

Though surely, as it’s known, the celebration of Easter for religious people starts from the Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter Sunday), then Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, then the Resurrection Sunday or Easter.

Colomba Pasquale
Colomba Pasquale or Colomba di Pasqua

In Italy, Italians have tradition to celebrate Easter by eating their traditional Easter cake named Colomba Pasquale or Colomba di Pasqua. As I wrote earlier in the previous post, Colomba Pasquale is Italian Easter cake that has shape like Dove, which is actually the meaning of the word Colomba.

Colomba Pasquale / Colomba di Pasqua in Italian Easter tradition is important as much as Panettone and Pandoro in Italian Christmas tradition. But of course, other than Colomba, Easter eggs or chocolates in form of small eggs or big eggs are also significant in Italian Easter celebration here 😀

In the end, I’d like to greet you Happy Easter and hopefully, you’re enjoying wonderful Easter celebration with a lot of joys and surprises. Cheers!

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