Pavilion of Indonesia at The Next Universal Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy

I have shared quite some posts about the next universal exposition (Expo 2015) that will be held in Milan, Italy this year from May 1st to October 31st. The Expo 2015 in Milan has embraced 145 participating countries and three international organizations, including the United Nations and European Union.

Focused on the theme, “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, it wants to expose, share and discuss global issue that has been faced for so long, about sustainable and nutritious alimentation plus clean water for all population in the world.

Design of Indonesian Pavilion - Image is taken from official Expo 2015's pinterest (with hyperlink provided on the image)
Indonesian Pavilion – Image is taken from official Expo 2015’s pinterest (with hyperlink provided on the image)

And today, I would like to share the idea of the pavilion of Indonesia. The pavilion looks like the shape of coconut fruit. I assume the choice is decided for the fact that Indonesians (including me) consume and use coconut a lot in the dishes and drinks.

For example, Indonesians have great coconut iced drinks and they often use  coconut milk to cook many Indonesian tasty dishes, such as rendang, coconut rice, turmeric rice, lontong and even some sweet desserts.

Back to  Expo 2015, If you’d like to know the concept of the outside and inside part of the pavilion of Indonesia, check this Youtube video below.

Have you also checked the pavilions of your countries at Expo 2015? I’m sure every pavilion from each country will try their best to express the unique traditions and culture of the nation.

This global event will be the perfect opportunity for all participating countries to show their expertises and share ideas on how they prepare their national nutritious dishes with the visitors.

If you want to see various and diverse cultures and alimentary traditions at one place, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to witness it, starting few weeks from now 🙂

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