Favorite Italian Food? I have them!

As Italy is a country that’s most well-known for its famous dishes especially Pasta and Pizza, there are some Italian food that I really like. I remember even when I returned the last time to Indonesia in September 2014, I missed some Italian food, especially Pasta.

Yep, I really love it. I even didn’t know how I could miss pasta when I was in Indonesia where there are so many tasty Indonesian food that I hadn’t eaten for some period and that I had been missing while in Italy. Am I becoming Italian? I don’t think so. Or, is Italian food too good? Maybe! 😀

Pasta Carbonara with egg and pecorino cheese

In Italy, there are just some pasta dishes that I can’t skip too long, such as pasta with pesto genovese for example. For my taste, it’s just too good and maybe you’d call me boring, but I routinely eat this dish every few days at least (absolutely love it).

Other than pasta with pesto genovese, I also like pasta with mushrooms, especially with porcini mushrooms, yummy. Or any pasta dish with mushrooms, olive oil and salt absolutely tastes so good to me.

Other Italian food with mushrooms that I like is risotto with porcini mushrooms. The recipe is so tasty that I really haven’t got bored with it even if Italian rice is different from Indonesian rice.

risotto italiano con funghi porcini
risotto italiano con funghi porcini (mushrooms)

And of course, in Italy I also really like pasta dish called Lasagna, which has been famous not only in the country but also all around the world. Even the original Lasagna is easily found as a menu in many international restaurants in Indonesia. But here my preference changed a bit as I prefer Lasagna with salmon and spinach.

Salmon Lasagna
Lasagna with Salmon and Spinach

Actually I still have other Italian food that I like. But for now I will stop right here as I just noticed I haven’t got the right image for my most favorite one, pasta with pesto genovese. Next time I’ll show it.

So, what about you? Do you love Italian food? Which one is your favourite dish?


  1. Owning a Italian Pizza Restaurant, I must say I still love all Italian food. Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are really yummy! 🙂


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