Como, Como, Como … Why Do I Never Get Bored of You?

It's me trying to feed the Swan (but I guess he/she didn't really want it LOL)
It’s me trying to feed the Swan (but I guess he/she didn’t really want it LOL)

Lake Como is absolutely my most favourite lake in Lombardy. There are of course many other beautiful lakes in Lombardy such as Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lecco etc.

However, the beauty of Lake Como continuously charms me over and over again as a tourist destination no matter I’ve visited it quite many times. I just never get bored of Lake Como

Not only it is only an hour journey from Milan, there are also some available trains to go there, from fast regional trains that pass the lake every hour or normal trains that depart every thirty minutes from Milan right to Como.

I’ve actually never visited any place yet in Italy more than one or two times. But Lake Como seems to have always been an exception.

Especially now that I have a dog that I adopted in early 2013, walking around the lake would be good not only for me but also for him as dogs always enjoy walking outside.

Me with BEI at Lake Como
Me with BEI my Yorkie Terrier at Lake Como

If you ever visit Milan as in around one month and a half there will be the next Universal Expo , Expo Milan 2015, you may also want to visit natural places like lakes to escape a bit from the crowded big city like Milan. it’s really easy to reach, beautiful to enjoy and you can also go to the amazing Bellagio from Lake Como as the starting  point.

Or if you’re someone who likes to see the amazing view of any “water attraction site” such as lakes, seas, beaches or rivers; Lake Como shouldn’t be skipped. This lake is never empty. Even more, during Spring and Summer, Como is always full of tourists not only from Italy or Europe, but also from many people around the globe.

Now after writing this, I’m pretty sure I want to go there again soon as Spring is coming. And I even can’t explain why I never get bored of Lake Como. Maybe it’s because the place is really relaxing and wonderful to visit 🙂

Just posing for the photo :p
Just posing for the photo :p

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