Find the Hidden Beauty of Italy in Biella

On the last day of February 2015, I had another opportunity to visit a nice city named Biella in Piedmont, Italy as one of Young Ambassadors. It is a calm city located within an hour drive or train from Milan. This was  where I found the hidden beauty of Italy.

Why is it a hidden beauty? It’s because maybe not many people have found it yet. However, when they will as I did, I’m sure they will see it as a hidden treasure of Italy. Not only housing one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO, The Sacred Mountain of Oropa, it also offers visitors the chance to enjoy the nature, sport, interaction with animals and healthy food at reasonable prices. Let me tell some of them 🙂

Mount Camino

This is a mountain which top is located around 2.3 km from the ground. The place is reachable with the cable transport named Cestovia. , When visitors are on the top, they can also enjoy a warm café called Capanna Renata with homey atmosphere where they can taste great homemade cookies and drinks while talking with the friendly owners.

On the top of Mount Camino
On the top of Mount Camino

Bessa and Burcina Park

Here is where you can relax at the green area of Biella. In Bessa Park, which is also recognized as an Eco-museum, people can learn about centuries of history and also get the chance to see the sport of gold-searching shown by the locals (but I think it should be under requests). This place is also possible for Nordic walking experience.

On the other hand, Burcina will offer people the chance to see their beautiful and blossoming flowers during the Spring season around May, which is perfect for people who love colorful flowers and nature.

Amazing Healthy Food with Lots of Mushrooms

I’m a mushroom lover. So for me, Biella is perfect as when I came there, the locals offered their local dishes that are composed of mushrooms from appetizers to main dishes. Not only healthy, the mushrooms are also yummy. Even I remember some of my colleagues took the local mushrooms home for souvenirs as nobody can resist to eat more of the yummy and healthy mushrooms.

With a very sweet donkey :)
With a very sweet donkey 🙂

Other than these experiences, there are still so much more to write about Biella, the hidden beauty of Italy. People who love lakes like me can also visit Lake Viverone that absolutely looks stunning when the days aren’t foggy and cloudy. There’s also the iron Eco-museum where people can explore many instruments in history used for many industries that are made of iron. Plus, there is also a funicular where people could go to the top to see the amazing view of the entire city from above.

And for people who love to interact with animals, Biella also can offer them the activity of horse-riding while enjoying the view of the mountains and nature. Or, they can ride bicycles around and see the beautiful surroundings offered by the city.

Having come to Biella two times, I wouldn’t mind to repeat the experiences for the third time. And I think for people who’d like to find an uncommon hidden beauty during their holiday trips, Biella could surprise them in a very unforgettable way.

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